WUT Held the First Teaching Method Innovation Competition
Update Time:2021-01-12 10:21:00

On January 9th, the First Teaching Method Innovation Competition of WUT was held. 39 teams from all schools carried out the presentation of teaching methods innovation achievements on the spot. Combining online review and on-site competition judgements, this competition selected 13 special prizes, 26 first prizes, and 42 second prizes.

Over nearly two months, 119 teams, including three groups--- the senior professional position group, the vice-senior professional position group and the middle professional position group, participated this competition. After the school recommendation and online review, 39 teams were finally shortlisted for the on-site competition.

In the on-site sector, the participators combined the teaching syllabus and practice to present the design guidelines and innovation points of the participating courses. The review experts evaluated each team according to the curriculum and teamwork, orientations and goals, teaching content, process and methods, evaluation and feedback, characteristics and prospects, etc., and put forward constructive advices.

WUT attached great importance to this competition, so as to specially invited a number of experts out of WUT to conduct on-site review, which achieved sound effects.