Tree Planting by WUT-2021
Update Time:2021-04-16 10:46:18

Recently, ISO and ICEA of Wuhan University of Technology took a great initiative to plant trees with international students. The aim of this activity was “Plant Trees to Save the Planet”. This activity was a significant step to reforestation efforts, repairing damaged ecosystems and preventing climate change in China.

ISO teachers, ICEA members and international students departed at 10am from Mafangshan and Nanhu campus of WUT by school bus to the destination for tree planting.

After one and a half hours, we reached our destination. ISO teachers told the students what they actually needed to do. In the activity, local horticulturists taught students how to plant trees by using tools correctly. The steps wereselecting the site, digging a hole, placing the plant in the hole, covering the plant roots with soil gently, and finally watering the plant in its new home accordingly. Besides the students, ISO teachers also participated in this amazing activity. Students observed the proceduresinvolved in planting trees carefully.

After the guidelineteaching, students started their planting according to the steps. Most of them did very good jobs. The local horticulturists were always willing to help them. They praised the WUT students for their cooperation and their efforts to planttrees. After planting, all students hung their favorite quotations on the plants with colorful pieces of paper and also got QR codes which marked their name and details of trees that will keep a wonderful memory of their plants.

The activity also expressed the significance of planting trees with the aim of –saving nature. The students were delighted after planting trees because it was full of fun. At the end of this activity, a group photo of everyone presenting in the event was taken.

To recapitulate, it was a successful activity of tree planting with our respectable ISO teachers, dear ICEA members and students. Moreover, it was a wonderful platform for both Chinese and international students to cooperate with each other and enhance friendship. This kind of event will not only help students learn tree planting skills but also enable us to protect and care about our planet. Actually, this is not the first time for WUT international students to plant trees here. In 2019, more than 50 WUT students came here to plant trees and now we can see those trees growing and flourishing. That’s really cheering and exciting.

We are looking forward to more amazing tree-planting activities inthe future.

Students are planting.

Students are happy.

Written by: Fowzia Akter

Edited by:Li Kexin, Han Xiaolin

Reviewed by: Li Li