Environmental Ecology of WUT is ranked in the top 1% of the world
Update Time:2021-05-14 16:17:44

According to the latest data of InCites: Essential Science Indicators, the Environmental Ecology of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) has entered the top 1% of the global ranking. This is another discipline added to the top 1% of the global rankings after the Computer Science of WUT increased tothis position in March this year. Up to now, there are 5 disciplines of WUT entering the top 1% of the global ranking.

5 disciplines of WUT in the top 1% of the global ranking

In terms of comprehensive institutional ranking, Wuhan University of Technology ranks 601st among global institutions and 43rd among universities in mainland China (according to the frequency of papers cited), with a steady increase in the comprehensive strength and disciplinary influence.

Wuhan University of Technology’s ranking among global institutions

It is reported that the recently published data are highly consistent with the results of the analysis report provided by the Wuhan University of Technology Library at the beginning of the year. That report provides an in-depth analysis of the Environmental Ecology of WUT in terms of the discipline status, construction achievements, existing gaps, and time prediction, and provides accurate prediction and improvement strategies for the discipline to enter the global top 1%. This report provides a clear decision basis for the university to find a starting point for the construction of “double first-class” disciplines and enhance its competitiveness.

Wuhan University of Technology has been attaching great importance to the construction of disciplines, continuously promoted the optimization and adjustment of disciplines, and steadily improved the comprehensive strength of the university’s disciplines. At present, the overall strength of our traditional disciplines has shown a significant improvement, and the position of materials, chemistry, and engineering in the global ranking has moved forward as a whole, which reflects the progress of the overall strength of our disciplines in the international comparison.

In the new journey of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Wuhan University of Technology will continue to promote the discipline construction, seize the opportunity, overcome the challenges, promote the comprehensive strength and influence of disciplines, and strive to build an excellent university to win a worldwide recognition and admiration.

Source: WUT Library, Graduate School of WUT

Reviewed by: Liang Chuanjie, Luo Rong 

Edited by: Li Tiantian