WUT holds the 2021 commencement ceremony
Update Time:2021-06-25 16:09:28

From June 22 to 23, the 2021 commencement ceremony of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) was held in seven sessions, respectively at the Auditorium in the West Area of Mafangshan Campus and the Students’ Center in Yujiatou Campus.

President Zhang Qingjie delivered a speech entitled “Lead an extraordinary life through innovation”, and proposed sincere suggestions and wishes to all graduates. He suggested that as the youth in the new era, students should carry forward innovative thoughts and be brave to reform and innovate, so as to take their responsibility and lead an extraordinary life when enhancing the realization of the Chinese Dream; he wished that students would carry out innovative practices and work hard, so as to realize their value of life and lead an extraordinary life when keeping pace with the development of China; he hoped that students would adhere to the spirit of innovation and devote themselves into worksor studies, so as to write their brilliant chapters in the new era and lead an extraordinary life when encountering international competition.

At the end of the speech, President Zhang extended his deep blessings to all the 2021 graduates, “No matter where you go, and no matter where you may be, WUT will always be your home.”

There were seven valedictorians speaking on the ceremony, of which the five were undergraduate students in Grade 2017, including Kang Guohuang from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Wang Chenhui from the School of Computer Science and Technology, Yuan Zhen from the School of Economics, Wang Chunmiao from the School of Management, and Chen Rui from the School of Energy and Power Engineering. While the rest two were postgraduates in Grade 2018: one is Le Jingyi from the School of Foreign Languages, and the other is Luo Haoshun from the school of Transportation. They expressed their gratitude for WUT, for their teachers and parents, shared their learning and development experiences of their school days, and expressed theirdetermination to fulfill the responsibility of WUTers,to serve the community, and to strive for excellencein the near future. 

After speeches, the ceremony of degree awarding was held with cheerful music. Xin Sijin, Chairman of the University Council, awarded honorary certificates to outstanding representatives of graduates. President Zhang Qingjie and leaders of the university and schools conferred degrees to the graduates one by one. What’s more, President Zhang made up the degree-awarding ceremony for those who had graduated in 2020 and returned to WUT this year.

The ceremony came to a satisfactory close with the Song of Excellence. Over 11,600 graduates, taking expectations from their teachers and parents, begin a new journey for a brighter future. 

Written by: Xue Yuan

Rewritten by: Zhang Xiangqi

Photographed by: Yao Hong, Wan Xinan, Wu Shian

Edited by: Chen Yiduo, Li Tiantian

Proofread by: Zhao Danyang

Source: Publicity Department of WUT