Assisting the City of Heroes to create new glories -- WUT special session was held
Update Time:2021-06-21 18:28:52

To assist with Wuhan Citys better development, the WUT special session of introducing resources and technologies of WUT alumni to Wuhan was held on June 20th. Academicians, experts, entrepreneurs and alumni of WUT gathered together to help to build a modern Wuhan.

At the Conference

 Wang Zhonglin, Deputy Secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Hubei Provincial Peoples Government,discusses with academicians, entrepreneurs and representatives of outstanding alumni of WUT

Xiao Juhua, Vice Governor of Hubei Provincial People's Government, delivers a welcome speech

Cheng Yongwen, Deputy Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Mayor of Wuhan and Secretary of the Wuhans Party Leadership Group, makes an address on the conference

Yang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan, hoststhe conference

Xin Sijin, Chairman of WUTs Council,delivers a speech

Zhao Dongyuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Scienceand Director of the Academic Committee of Fudan University, gives a speech

Jiang Yi, General Manager of SPIC, delivershis speech

Yang Qing, General Director of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, deliversa speech

The Innovation Union of Smart Automobile Industry in Wuhan is launched

The Association for Promoting Hydrogen Energy Industry in Wuhan is launched

The Innovation Consortium of Building Materials and Construction Engineering Industry is initiated for contributing to China's target to peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060

The Innovation Union of Cruise & Yacht Industry along Yangtze River is launched

Signing projects (16 investment projects, 38 intention agreement projects)

Signing talent projects (100 outstanding talents from well-known universities at home and abroad)

A guest is interviewed

Written by: Xie Xiaoqin

Photographed by: Yao Hong, Wu Shian

Rewritten by:Yu Ying

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source:Publicity Department of WUT