WUT held the 3rd Hubei University Students Metallographical Skills Competition
Update Time:2021-07-20 17:18:58

From July 17th to 18th, the3rd Hubei University Students Metallographical Skills Competitionof "Huijing·Mega Cup", jointly organized by Hubei Metal Society and Wuhan University of Technology, was held in WUT.Hubei University Students Metallographical Skills Competition is an annual scientific competition for college students majoring in materials in Hubei Province. Teams from 29 colleges and universities in Hubei Province, including Wuhan University of technology, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Wuhan University of Science and Technology, participated in the competition.With nearly 300 teachers and studentsparticipating, there comes the largest scale of this competitionin this year.

On the morning of July 17th, theopening ceremoney was held in the conference center of Western settlement section of Mafangshan campus.

On behalf of the organizers, vice president Wang Fazhou welcomed all the participators and thanked the members of the organizing committee and volunteers, for their careful preparation and cosponsoring enterprisesfor their strong support to the competition. He pointed out that the holding of the Metallographic Skills Competition reflected our continuous pursuit of advanced metal material preparation technology and high quality, whichwas a practical exploration to integrate the spirit of scientists and craftsmen. He hoped that all participating students would challenge themselves in the competitionand constantly improve themselves, to pursue a greater goal and to bravelyshoulder the responsibility of the times.

Li Tielin, Secretary-General of Hubei Metals Society, pointed out in his speech that the Hubei University Students Metallographical Skills Competition aims to promote the links between major universities in Hubei Province, strengthen the exchanges between teachers and students in the major of metal materials and similar fields, and inspire college students' awareness of scientific and technological innovation and practical ability. In recent years, the competition has gradually expanded its influenceand become an important scientific and technological innovation competitionfor  college students in Hubei Province. He wished the students excellent results in this competition.

Duan Yunbiao, Deputy Secretary-General of the National College Students Metallographical Skills Competition Committee, said in his speech that the holding of the Hubei University Students Metallographical Skills Competition responded to the call of the country to strengthen practical teaching and practical education, and provided a platform for college students who major in materials in Hubei Province to improve their experimental ability and innovative thinking. It is a valuable opportunity for mutual exchange and learning.

Shi Jingrui of Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Zhang Hongye of Wuhan University spoke as representatives of judges and participating students respectively.

In this competition, two typical common metal materials, 20 steel and ductile cast iron, were selected as the competition samples for two rounds of competition. The competition of each sample lasted 30 minutes. Contestants need to complete the grinding, polishing, corrosion, and microscopic observation of samples within 30 minutes. The judge rates the quality of the tissue image observed under the microscope. After a two-day competition, the competition finally selected 7 group first prizes, 9 second prizes, 13 third prizes, 28 individual first prizes, 49 second prizes and 63 third prizes. WUT won 1 group first prize, 1 individual first prize, 3 individual second prizes and 1 individual third prize in this competition.

On the afternoon of July 18th, the closing ceremony and award ceremony of the competition were held. Zhao Yuzhen, vice chairman and executive deputy secretary-general of the Competition Committee of the National College Students Metallographical Skills Competition, expressed her gratitude to Wuhan University of technology, all members of the competition committee, all teachers of the jury group and the supervision group for their hard preparationin her speech. She pointed out that the competition is not only an extension of the classroom, but also a platform for practice and communication. The success of the competition has improved participators' practical ability, scientific research and analysis ability.

Xu Linhong of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), the leader of the competition evaluation team, and Xie Zhixiong of Hubei University of Technology, the leader of the competition supervision team made the competition scoring summary and process summary respectively. Dai Lixin, General Manager of Mega Instruments (Suzhou) Limited Company, spoke as a representative of the joint organizers. At the awards ceremony, the leaders and guests presented awards to the winners and representatives respectively.

It is reported that the Hubei University Students Metallographical Skills Competitionisincluded inthe National University Students Metallographical Skills Competition. On February 22th, 2020, the Higher Education Academy of China released the ranking list of 2019 National College Students Discipline Competition, andthe National University Students Metallographical Skills Competition was officially included in the ranking list, being one of the 44 competition items in the ranking list.

Written by: Shi Hu, Li Daocheng, Yuan Sichen

Photography: Yao Hong, Wu Shian

Reviewers: Shen Huadong, Zhao Chunxia, Wu Xingwen

Rewritten by: Zhao Yue

Edited by:Li Tiantian

Source: School of Materials Science and Engineering