WUT’s Youth Volunteer Association Won “National Top 100 Student Associations of Universities in 2020”
Update Time:2021-08-11 08:40:14

Recently, the “National Top 100 Student Associations in Universities in 2020” list was released. WUT’s Youth Volunteer Association was listed on it.

The Youth Volunteer Association of WUT, established in September 2001, has more than 36,000 registered volunteers, with a registration rate of 99%. It carries out more than 800 volunteer activities  each year. The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China has successively established the secretariats of “National Sunshine Service Team for Disabled People” and “National Caring Action Team” in WUT. The number and level of awards won by WUT in the China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition ranked first for four consecutive sessions among colleges and universities in China. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 12,000 volunteers of WUT devoted themselves to pandemic prevention and control, which was highly praised by Ying Yong, Secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee Volunteer representatives of WUT participated in international conferences, such as the conference of United Nations,  to share stories about the prevention and control of the pandemic. WUT organized more than 1,200 volunteers to serve the Wuhan Military World Games, which was highly praised by Picirino, President of the International Military Sports Council. 

Over the years, more than 30 WUTers were awarded one or more honors of "China Youth May Forth Medal", "National Advanced Individual Learning from Lei Feng", "National Sunshine Volunteer Helping Disabled People", " Excellent Individual Award for Chinese Young Volunteers ", " Chinese College Students of the Year", "Excellent Communist Party Member of Hubei Province", "Moral Model of Hubei Province", "Hubei Youth May Fourth Medal", "Volunteer Ambassador of Hubei Province" and so on, forming the  unique phenomenon of "WUT’s Volunteer Galaxy". The Youth Volunteer Association of WUT has won the "China Youth Volunteers Excellent Organization Award" and "China’s top 100 Youth Volunteer Service Group" for many times and has been reported by many authoritative media, including  People's Daily, Guang Ming Daily, China Central Television (CCTV), China Youth Daily, China Education Daily, etc.

It is known that this selection aims to show the youth vitality of college students’ associations, to present the achievements of the construction of these associations, and to guide and promote the innovation and the standardized management of these associations. There are more than 600 universities and more than 2300 associations participating in the selection, which gained great response.

Written by: Chen Yinghua

Rewritten by: LiHuihui

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: WUT’s Youth League Committee