Build an international community and promote Chinese culture
Update Time:2021-09-22 15:34:41

On the morning of September 18th, 2021, the International Student Office of the International Education College of Wuhan University of Technology selected 20 international student representatives to co-organize the Mid-Autumn Festival cultural experience activity with the Gezhouba community. This activity aims to promote traditional Chinese culture, strengthen international students’understanding of Chinese culture, and let them know the history and charm of Chinese culture.With the theme of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with the ancient charm of Hanfu and promoting the fusion of Chinese and foreign cultures, students experienced the community life through garden activities such as wearing Hanfu, guessing lantern riddles, drawing on the circular fans, making moon cakes and other activities to truly feel the custom of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

At the event site, international students frequently interacted with folk artists. By making sugar figures, kneading clay sculptures, painting folding fans, eating candied haws, and weaving Chinese knots, Chinese people and foreign friends shared the poetic and artistic flavor of Chinese culture. Community residents took pictures with the international students in Hanfu. In an interview with reporters from Changjiang Daily and Hubei Voice, Madu, a student from Yemen, said, “I am very happy to participate in this Mid-Autumn Festival event today. I am especially interested in Chinese poetry and painting. I hope to learn more about Chinese culture in the future.” Hu Xiongbin, Director of the International Students Office of the International Education College of Wuhan University of Technology, said, “This event is a good opportunity to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Spreading Chinese culture to the world is our best cultural education for international students.”

The breeze and bright moon are like a bright mirror, and the cakes are sweet and intoxicating. The special and sweet tasteof Mid-Autumn mooncakes is always sounforgettable for international students. International students of WUT learned about many Chinese traditions and customsthrough this activity, and the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures and the spread of Chinese culturewere also promoted.

Written by: Zhang Di, Li Kexin, Gong Jianming (International Students Management Office)

Reviewed by: Li Li

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: WHUT-ISO