New semester, new beginning!
Update Time:2021-09-06 19:25:36

As summercomes to an end, autumn is on the way with the rustling falling leaves. On September 6th, Wuhan University of Technology meets its first teaching dayof the new semester. The campusis lively with faculty and studentswhoare ready to write the new chapter in the new semester with enthusiasm and passion.

In the early morning,,bathed in the sunshine, faculty and students enter the campus after body temperature measurement by scanning the campus QR code according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.

The bell rings at 8 o’clock, declaring the beginning of the first classes in all the 207 classrooms where teachers energetically impart knowledge to the engrossed students.

Xin Sijin, Chairman of WUTCouncil, Zhang Qingjie, President of WUT, Liu Zuyuan and Wang Shijie, VicePresidentof WUT, lead other staff to enter different classrooms to grasp more details about the first teaching day, including the state of teachers and students, the situation of classrooms, and logistical supporting, so as to make sure a good beginning in the new semester.

It’s reported that all departments of WUT had made thoughtful arrangement since the late August based on the actual conditions to achieve the goal of guaranteeing well-organized return to school and then a reassuring life in campus. The meeting for the arrangement of epidemic prevention and control before and after theschool opens and the meeting aiming at the back-to-school work in the semester in autumn 2021 were held.Plans and arrangement for the related workwere made. Nanhu Campus and Yujiatou Campus witnessed the simulation drilling of emergency respond to epidemic prevention and control. All the faculty and students at school had accepted nucleic acid tests, and all the campuseshad been checked to achieve the security and epidemic prevention and control requirements. In order to respond to the possible teaching models in this semester, the teaching center of Office of Academic Affairstogether with the Graduate School and Modern Educational Technology and Service Center established a workshop for special training of technologies combining online and offline teaching, The logistics departmentupgraded and renovated the education supermarket in Nanhu Campus, set up counters for creative cultural products about WUT. Dinning halls undergone upgradation and saw more kinds of food introduced into them. Several online takeaway platforms were adopted in the campus. There were more vending machines in teaching buildings, dormitories as well as stadiums. The new operation of shuttle bus in Nanhu Campus brings more comfort and convenience for students.

New Semester, New Goals, New Dreams. It’s our hope that all the students can have a good beginning of the new semester and contribute to WUTs goal of building a worldwide first-class university with distinctive features under the leadership and guidance of the CPC Communist Party.

Written by: Zhu Kexin, Xie Xiaoqin

Photography: Yao Hong, Yu Pei, Wu Shi’an, Zou Xing

Rewritten by: Lu Lin

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee