WUT won the first and second prizes in the 2021 Baja SAE China
Update Time:2021-09-29 11:45:00

The 2021 Baja SAE China (BSC)  ended successfully on September 28th in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, with a total participation of 1000 students from 90 teams. After a five-day intense competition, both teams of WUT won their national first prizes. Specifically, the Baja Electric Vehicle (EV) Racing Team, E3, won the championship in the EV group. While the Baja Conventional Vehicle (CV) Racing Team, U23, gained second place with its new record, standing out from undergraduate counterparts. In all, the two teams clinched 7 prizes in individual events, making WUT top the individual awards table.

This competition was held in accordance with regular COVID-19 prevention and control. During the one-year preparation, more than 60 members of the two teams surmounted so many difficulties and practiced so industriously that they successfully built their cars and represented WUT in the racing. Their composure and endeavor performed in the race exhibited great academic and practical capability of WUT students, and also reflected the team spirit of “One team, one focus, one spirit”.

Baja SAE China, sponsored by China Society of Automotive Engineers, is an intercollegiate engineering design competition for domestic undergraduate and vocational students, in which each team is required to design and build a small single-seat off-road car powered by a 10 hp Briggs & Stratton engine within one year. WUT Baja Racing Team, established with funds of School of International Education and supports of related functional departments including Academic Affairs Office and Youth League committee, serves as a sci-tech innovation platform for local students. And it is daily run by School of Automotive Engineering and School of Automation with Tian Zhewen from the former school as it’s manager, Luo Fan from the latter one as the instructor of E3, and Zhang Yiming and Wang Xiaoli from the former as the instructors of U23.

The BSC originated in 2015, from which the Baja EV group was derived in 2019. Since the WUT team took part in this competition in 2017, it has received the national first prize five times and the national second prize once. A large number of excellent graduates cultivated for China's automobile industry fully embodies the university’s educational concept of "Implementing excellent education, nurturing excellent talents and creating an excellent life".

Written by: Yan Gui

Rewritten by: Zhou Tongtong

Edited by: Zhang Xiangqi, Li Tiantian

Source: School of Automotive Engineering, School of Automation