Blasting was selected as the only Chinese journal in zone Q1 of Engineering General Technology in World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) Report
Update Time:2021-10-08 15:05:00

Recently, the World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) Report (2020 science and Technology Edition)(hereinafter referred to as WJCI Report) was released online. Blasting, asthe only Chinese journal selected in Q1 area of its discipline,ranks 10th inEngineering General TechnologyDiscipline, zone Q1.

Top 10 journals of Engineering General Technology

WJCI Report is a journal evaluation report jointly developed by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, Chinese Academic Journals (CD-version) electronic magazine Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University Library, Wanfang Data Co., Ltd. and Society of China University Journals. After strict evaluation, the report selects 14,287 from more than 63,000 active scientific and technological academic journals around the world, including 1,426 Chinese scientific and technological journals, with an average WJCI index of 1.185.

WJCI Report mainly innovates in four aspects: the selection, the evaluation index system, the discipline classification system, and the basic data system of core journals of China science and technology. As a result, it more comprehensively and objectively evaluates the service of scientific and technological periodicalsto global scientific and technological innovation in today's society and their academic influence, and objectively reflects the real contribution of the emerging scientific and technological power represented by China.

Blasting, founded in 1984 and directed by WUT, aims to "focusing on the frontier trends of high and new technology in blasting field, building a platform for exchanging academic thoughts, transmitting scientific and technological information, and promoting the vigorous development of blasting industry in China". Blastinghas won the "Excellent Periodicals of Hubei Province" for five consecutive sessions, and Zhao Liang, the responsible editor, has been rated as the Excellent Editor of Hubei Province” for four consecutive sessions. Blasting has been included in the Chinese Core Journal of Peking University for five consecutive times. It is the source journal of China Science Citation Database (CSCD) and one of the core journals of China Science and technology. According to the China Journal Citation Reports, the latest expansion impact factorof Blasting is 1.581, ranking first among domestic weapons science and technology journals for five consecutive years.

Written by: Zhao Liang, Shang Yijun

Rewritten by: Li Huihui

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: School of Resources and Environmental Engineering