WUT welcomes 2021 undergraduates
Update Time:2021-10-10 16:45:00

On October 9th,2021 undergraduates stepped into the campus with their expectations to the brand new college life.

Early in the morning, service tents were arranged neatly on the Boxue Square of Nanhu campus and on Jiaotong First Road of Yujiatou campus. Staff who were at the parent reception site, the consulting service site of the dormitory and the orientation site of each school had been ready. Volunteers in green T-shirts shuttled around the campus and enthusiastically provided services for freshmen. Relevant departments of WUT also prepared well to welcome newcomers, including setting up green channels for students who need financial support, providing medical servicefor emergency situation,setting publicity points for preventing telecom fraud, etc., so as to assure the security of freshmen’s enrollment.

In the morning, university leaders and heads of relevant departments came to the welcoming sites to inspect thesituation of the enrollment and cordially showed much concern to the staff and volunteers at all service sites. During the inspection, freshmen invited the leaders to take group photos with them, andthe leaders put forward suggestions and expectations to their college life, hoping that they could be independent and mature in Wuhan University of Technology and grow to be the successors who could make contributions to the motherland.

Innovative and thoughtful welcoming services show the culture and professional characteristics of each school, such as the 3D printing school emblem of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the one to one keepsake matching activity of the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, the scientific and technological innovation exhibition area of the School of Naval Architectureand Marine & Energy and Power Engineering, the Bajacar-racing team of the School of Automotive Engineering, the dance robots with Chinese chips of the School of Information Engineering, the donation of old books of the School of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, the automatic drum set performance and 3D holographic image show of the School of Automation, the freshman puzzle wall of the School of Science, the unique IP image "Little Peanut" doll of the School of Chemistry,Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences, the freshman source map of the School of Management, the customized cultural shirt and canvas bag of the School of Law, Humanities and Sociology... 

It is reported that this year, WUT has admitted 9242 undergraduates. According to the needs of pandemic prevention and control, WUT encourages freshmen to enroll independently and arranges one-to-one volunteersto help new students with their enrollment, which not only improves the registration experience of new students, but also effectively reduces the crowd gathering. The university also adopts the combination of online orientation and on-site orientation to make preparations for new students’ registration in stages to ensure the smooth progress of the welcoming work.

Written by:Li Tiantian, Li Yuxiang, Lu Xiaoyi, Wu Yanting, Jiang Yuexin

Rewritten by: Zhao Yue

Edited by:Li Tiantian

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee