Strategic scientists appointment & the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between WUT and HUTB was held
Update Time:2021-11-12 17:05:00

In the afternoon of Nov. 10th, the appointment ceremony of strategic scientists and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) and Hunan University of Technology ans Business (HUTB), as well as the academic report on Digital Intelligence and Smart Society was held in 301 of the Conference Center. Mr. Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, met with Mr. Chen Xiaohong, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan University of Technology and Business. Zhang Qingjie, Presidentof WUT and the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. Many officials, experts and scholars were invited to participate the meeting which was presided over by WUT’s Vice President Liu Chunjiang. Professor Yi Mianyang, Vice President of HUTB, Professor Wei Jiang, President of School of Management of Zhejiang University, Professor Li Qingyuan, Vice President of School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University, heads of relevant departments and colleges of HUTB, officials of Hubei Provincial Department of Education, representatives of WUT’s outstanding alumni, and Vice President Chen Wen of WUT attended the ceremony.

“This is a major event for WUT’s talent base and also a big deal forthe development of WUTs management discipline.” President Zhang Qingjie addressed in his speech that Hunan University of Technology and Business shared a long history and distinctive features. Under the leadership of Academician Chen Xiaohong, the discipline of management science and engineering in HUTB was ranked among the national top 10% list. Once the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement and appointment of Academician Chen signed, WUT and HUTB would enhance their mutual exchange and leverage their respective strengths in cooperation, thus to improve the two universities’ social reputation and international influence. Itwas believed that with the guidance and support of Academician Chen Xiaohong and the joint efforts of all faculty and students, WUTand HUTB would be able to achieve new leaps in their future development.

President Zhang Qingjie issued the appointment letter of strategic scientist of WUT to academician Chen Xiaohong, and the appointment letter of part-time professor of WUT to Professor Yi Mianyang and Professor Liu Jianqiu, Dean of the School of Accounting of HUTB. Academician Chen Xiaohong issued the appointment letter of part-time professor of HUTB to Professor Xie Kefan, Professor Chen Xiaofang, Dean of the School of Management of WUT, and Professor Wei Long, Dean of the School of Economics of WUT.

Academician Chen Xiaohong pointed out in her speech that Wuhan University of Technology wasa key university directly under the direct administration of Ministry of Education with distinctive characteristics. It had cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for China. Shewas glad to be employed as a strategic scientist of WUT andestablished cooperative relations with the university. She believed that with the support of alumni and the joint efforts of the faculty, the better development ofthe two universities andthe management disciplines.would be ensured.

At the ceremony, the two sides signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Wuhan University of Technology and Hunan University of Technology and Business, and the participants jointly unveiled the Digital Governance and Management Decision Innovation Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology.

After the ceremony, an academic conference on digital intelligence and smart society was held. Academician Chen Xiaohong and Professor Wei Jiang brought a wonderful academic feast for the present teachers and students with the topics of Modern Governance and Application Innovation of Smart Society Empowered by New Technologies and Asymmetric Innovation: Paradigm of Chinese Firms Catch-up.

The heads of relevant functional departments of the university, heads of School of Management and School of Economics, and representatives of teachers and students attended the signing ceremony and report meeting.

Written by: Xie Xiaoqin

Rewritten by: Jiang Siyuan, Luo Qiyun

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Photographed by: Yao Hong

Source: Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of WUT