The conference on the launch of Interdisciplinary Materials was held
Update Time:2021-12-23 17:50:32

On December 18th, 2021, the conference on the launch of Interdisciplinary Materialswas held in Wuhan. Jointly hosted by Wuhan University of Technology and Wiley Publishing Group, it was convened in a combination of offline and online.

Attendees included researcher Gao Ruiping(Deputy Director of NSFC), Zhao Dongyuan(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science),Jiang Lei(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Wei Bingbo(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Zou Zhigang(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Xie Yi(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Zhao Yuliang(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Zhang Yue (Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Yu Shuhong(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Sun Jun(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Xu Huibin(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Li Yanrong(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Zhou Ji (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) and Nie Zuoren (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Dr. Xu Guangchen(Director of Material Science Publishing of Wiley Publishing Group), and some editorial board members of the journal.Participants included Yang Zongkai(President of WUT), Jiang Desheng(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Zhang Qingjie(Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), Zhang Lianmeng(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Fu Zhengyi(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Cheng Yibing (Academician of Australian Academy of Engineering), Wang Fazhou(Vice President of WUT) and representatives of teachers and students. The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Wu Chaozhong, vice president of WUT.

Yang Zongkai, President of WUT, delivered an opening speech for the conference and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests attending the conference. Combined with the background and significance of the founding of Interdisciplinary Materials, he pointed out that interdisciplinary integration was not only a major feature of the current development of science and technology, but also an effective way to cultivate innovative talents. We should take the opportunity of the publication of Interdisciplinary Materials to serve the national strategy and seize the opportunity of scientific and technological development. He hoped that the experts and scholars attending the conference could exchange and learn from each other, and jointly promote the cross integration and leapfrog development of WUTs materials science and other disciplines such as physics, chemistry, information, energy, life and engineering.

Gao Ruiping, deputy director of NSFC, pointed out inher speech that the publication of Interdisciplinary Materials was a major event in China’s materials academic circlesand itwould provide a position for personnel engaged in interdisciplinary research in material related fields to exchange innovative ideas and inspire innovative research, and provide new impetus for promoting the development of interdisciplinary research in the material field. She stressed that interdisciplinary integration was an important driving force to accelerate scientific and technological innovation. Only by thoroughly understanding andfirmly grasping the general trend of interdisciplinary integration couldwe seize opportunities and meet challenges in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform.

Members of the advisory committee of Interdisciplinary Materials, Academician Xu Huibin, Academician Li Yanrong and Academician Wei Bingbo, highly affirmed and warmly congratulated the launch of Interdisciplinary Materials, and expressed that they would actively participate in the future work so as to make contributions to the development of interdisciplinary materials.

Chief editor of Interdisciplinary Materials, Academician Zhang Qingjie and Academician Fu Zhengyi, expressed their heartfelt thanks to all leaders and experts for their support for the scientific research, discipline development and talent training of the WUT’s materials science, and sincerely thanked for the high attention and strong support given to the journal by WUT. They said that they would carefully listen to and summarize the opinions and suggestions of experts, further refine the ideas of running the journal, and make joint efforts with scholars to promote China’s material discipline to a new level.

Dr. Xu Guangchen, director of material science publishing of Wiley Publishing Group, said that they would work together with Wuhan University of Technology to make Interdisciplinary Materials one of the best material journals in China and a high-level journal with international influence.

The launching ceremony was jointly completed by leaders of WUT, the representatives of Wiley Publishing Group and the representatives of the editorial board of the journal. The report session of the conference was presided over by academician Fu Zhengyi. Academician Zhao Dongyuan (Deputy Editor in Chief of Interdisciplinary Materials), Academician Jiang Lei (Deputy Editor in Chief of Interdisciplinary Materials) and Academician Wei Bingbo (Member of the Advisory Committee) delivered reports in the conference respectively.

Zhao Dongyuan, Academician of Fudan University, made a report entitled Interface Assembly for the Synthesis of Novel Hierarchical Functional Mesoporous Materials, which introduced the research progress in the controllable synthesis of multi-level structural functional mesoporous materials by interface assembly control in recent years.

Jiang Lei, Academician of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a conference report entitled Bionic Hyperinfiltration System Quantum Confined Superfluid: Energy Conversion, Chemical Reaction and Biological Information Transmission, which introduced the quantum confined superfluid phenomenon and its related research in the fields of energy, chemistry and biology.

Wei Bingbo, Academician from Northwestern Polytechnical University, made a report entitled Research Progress and Future Trend of Space Materials Science, which introduced the research direction of space materials science, international research status since this century, electrostatic suspension rapid solidification research and ultrasonic suspension material synthesis research.

The conference was also broadcast live on Tencent Meeting and other platforms.

Written by:Huang Linglin

Reviewed by: Luo Xiaohan

Rewritten by: Li Huihui

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology forMaterial Synthesis and Processing