First time: WUT won “Outstanding Innovative Academic Projects” in the 14th Annual Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for College Students
Update Time:2021-12-20 18:15:00

The 14th Annual Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for College Students sponsored by the Ministry of Education was held in Northwestern Polytechnical University from Decmeber 10th to 12th. Li Jinghao, as a project leader from International School of Materials Science and Engineering, WUT, published the paper Bipolar Membrane Diaphragm Improves Circulation Stability of Zinc Ion Battery based on the project “Interfacial zinc storage mechanism of vanadium/graphene composite cathode materials” of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students. The paper won the honor of “Outstanding Innovative Academic Projects”, which was the first time for participants from WUT to win the award.

Because of the pandemic prevention and control, the annual conference was held in a combination of online and offline way. Fan Hailin, deputy director of Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education, Gao Dongfeng, director of Science and Engineering Education Division of Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education, and leaders from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Tianjin University presented at the conference.

In May, 2021, the notice about recommending excellent projects to the 14th Annual Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for College Students held by the Ministry of Education was issued. After declaration of teams and teachers’ review, there were three papers, three demonstration projects and one project of entrepreneurship recommended by WUT. Trough the final assessment of experts of the conference committee, one paper of WUT was elected to join in the on-site oral defense. WUT invited experts to give guidance and advice on the selected paper. And with the instruction of the project advisor and the single-hearted devotion of the contestant, the paper gained the reward in the annual conference.

As the annual exhibition and exchange activity of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship achievements of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students, the annual conference has gone through the journey of 14 years. It is one of the events with the widest coverage, the largest influence, the most participants, the highest level in the undergraduate teaching reform in China. The conference this year has received 847 projects recommended by universities and colleges affiliated to the Ministry of Education and local educational authorities, including 368 papers, 367 experience exchange projects, 112 projects of entrepreneurship, among which finally 514 projects were elected to the final conference. They were 199 papers, 250 experience exchange projects as well as 65 projects of entrepreneurship. After the experts’ appraisal and selection, it came out 20 Outstanding Innovative Academic Projects”, 12 “Outstanding Projects of Entrepreneurship”, 21 “Best Creative Projects” and 20 “Most Favored Projects.” 

Written by: Cui Xuefeng

Rewritten by: Lu Lin

Reviewed by: Yang Bo

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Office of Educational Administration of WUT