WUT Authorities’ Luncheon was held
Update Time:2021-12-24 14:25:00

On December 21st, WUT Authorities’ Luncheon was held in Yueyuan canteen of Nanhu Campus. The university president Yang Zongkai, vice presidents Chen Wen and Wang Shijie, heads of relevant functional departments and student representatives had lunch and talked about the growth of studentsand development of WUT together.

During the meal, students shared their feelings about their daily study and life and offered constructive suggestions on the protection of students’ rights and interests, covering the curriculum learning, information construction, club activities, class group construction, campus network, transportationandmedicalservices.

School authorities listened attentively to the student representatives’ suggestions. President Yang Zongkai said that WUT attached great importance to the needs and general demands of students and would adhere to the student-oriented principle and the mission of moral education, scientific decision-making, scientific deployment, and promote the all-round development of students. Meanwhile, the relevant university leaders also responded to the questions raised by students on the spot.

By carrying out the authorities’ luncheon, WUT has built a communication platform between school leaders and students, which encourages students to participate in campus governance. The universityendeavors to create a sound campus atmosphere of “listening to students’ voices, catering for students’ needs, caring for students’ growth and promoting the school development”.

Written by: Wang Peipei

Proofread by: Lang Kun

Rewritten by: Sun Zhongyuan

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Youth League Committee of WUT