Again: WUTers performed well in the 18th Chinese Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Update Time:2021-12-31 18:25:00

On December 28th, the evaluation result of “Huawei Cup” the 18th China Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling was revealed. WUT set a new historical record again: a total of 186 participating teams won 1 first prize, 17 second prizes, 29 third prizes and 137 successful participation awards, which was a new breakthrough compared with the previous year.

In May this year, Postgraduate Affairs Department of Party Committee held the 11th WUT Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, to select qualified participating teams. There were a total of 287 teams and 840 students signed up for the competition, and 25 first prizes and 37 second prizes were selected. This competition fully demonstrated postgraduate students’innovative ability in founding mathematical models and using computer technology to solve practical problems. Meanwhile, it motivated postgraduates of WUT to participate in the Chinese Postgraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition as well.

In late August, the coaching staffs carefully prepared lessons to conduct 14 online training sessions on mathematical modeling for postgraduates. The maximum number of participating postgraduate students, in a single session, exceeded 1,000. From late August to early September, the coaching staffs organized a 10 days simulated training for mathematical modeling contest. Later, they discussed and presented outstanding papers, which sufficiently consolidated the results of the previous training.

As one of the themed events of “China Postgraduate Innovation & Practice Competitions” under the guidance of China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center and sponsored by Children & Youth Science Center of CAST (China Association for Science and Technology), China Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling is an academic competition for postgraduate students to conduct mathematical modeling application research. It is a platform for postgraduate students to improve their ability to found mathematical models and utilize Internet information technology to solve practical problems, and cultivate the spirit of scientific research innovation and sense of teamwork. “Huawei Cup” the 18th China Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling in 2021 was hosted by South China University of Technology.

In recent years, Graduate Affairs Office of the CPC WUT Committee has attached great importance to the innovation practice of postgraduate students. Relying on “China Postgraduate Innovation & Practice Competitions”, the competition within campus has improved postgraduates’ abilities to be ready for the national competition, which forms an atmosphere of competition for innovation practice among postgraduate students, gains excellent results, improves the innovation practice ability of postgraduate students, and helps them cultivate the scientific attitude and rigorous style of study in work and further improves the quality of postgraduates in WUT.

Written by: Li Pei

Reviewed by: Xie Zhongqing

Rewritten by: Liu Kexi, Zhao Yue

Edited by:Li Tiantian

Source: Postgraduate Affairs Office of the CPC WUT Committee