The first class of 2022 marks a new start for future
Update Time:2022-03-02 14:30:00

On February 28th, students of WUT had their first classes for spring semester of 2022. At the beginning of the new semester, everything is vibrant across the campus where faculty and students, with energy and vigor, march towards a bright future.

Strictly complying with the COVID-19 countermeasures, faculty and students entered the campus with their body temperatures and campus codes checked. In the early morning, every teaching building, laboratory and library had witnessed their diligence and hard work.

At 8 am, the bell rang to kick off the first classes of the new semester in 248 classrooms across the school. Well-prepared teachers gave inspiring lectures to attentive students.

Xin Sijin, Chairman of the University Council of WUT, Yang Zongkai, President of WUT, Liu Zuyuan, Wang Fazhou and Wang Shijie, Vice Presidents of WUT, together with the heads of relevant departments, went to each campus to inspect classroom teaching quality and had cordial talks with teachers and students.

In order to ensure faculty and students safe and ordered life on campuses, departments of WUT had been well-prepared for containing the virus on an ongoing basis to welcome students and the new spring semester. WUT held meetings to make arrangements for COVID-19 prevention and control in the spring semester of 2022 and the return of faculty and students. On-site inspections of teaching facilities, students’ living facilities, laboratories and production safety, and COVID-19 control work had been carried out extensively. Mass nucleic acid tests among faculty and students had been conducted to ensure safety. The school committee had cooperated with Tianhe Airport to open through buses for students. The Department of Educational Affairs had made careful arrangements for undergraduate teaching, and the Teaching Development Center had carried out training for teachers to improve their information-based teaching skills. The Logistics Department sterilized and disinfected important venues and made them ventilated, strengthened food control in canteens and goods management in supermarkets and carried out safety check of commuter shuttles and school buses, thus providing the quality service for faculty and students to dine, shop and travel in school in the new semester.

As an old Chinese saying goes, youngsters should fight for their lives and laziness will not be allowed by times. In this new semester, faculty and students should work hard with vigorous and determined endeavor and make strides toward WUT’s goal of building a world-class university with distinct features.

Written by: Xie Xiaoqin, Li Tiantian

Reviewed by: Tian He

Rewritten by: Han Xiaolin

Edited by: You Wenjun, Li Tiantian

Source: Propaganda Department of the CPC WUT Committee