WUT co-organized the interdisciplinary forums for Mr. John B. Goodenough, the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Update Time:2022-04-22 12:25:00

On April 19th, the interdisciplinary forums to celebrate Mr. John B. Goodenough’s (the 2019 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) 100-year-old birthday was launched. This series of online forums was jointly sponsored by Interdisciplinary Materials, Wuhan University of Technology and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, including Nan Cewen, Cheng Huiming, Zhang Qingjie, Meng Daqiao, Zhao Tianshou, Zhu Meifang, academician Fu Zhengyi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Ms. Wu Hongjuan of Shenzhen Newware Electronics Co., Ltd. attended the opening ceremony.Academician Cheng Huiming and academician Zhang Qingjie each made a keynote speech. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Huang Yunhui of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Professor Mai Liqiang of Wuhan University of Technology, with more than 16,000 online participants.

Professor Huang Yunhui of Huazhong University of Science and Technology delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, in which he introduced the background and significance of this series of forums and told the story of Mr. John B. Goodenough and lithium batteries. This series of forums would get well-known scholars at home and abroad to form panels of experts, and then hold an academic exchange meeting on materials, energy, physics, chemistry and other disciplines. They would jointly send congratulations to the legendary scientific giant and the father of lithium battery so as to pay tribute to his outstanding contribution to human science and technology.

Mr. John B. Goodenough made a speech

Mr. John B. Goodenough expressed his sincere thanks to the organizers of the forum and the invited participants in his speech. He noted that the transformation of human society from dependence on fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources requires the introduction of alternative, convenient and economical methods of storing energy. Currently, lithium-ion batteries are the most efficient form of portable energy storage, but such batteries are limited in terms of energy and power density. He believed that a better solution would soon be found.

Academician Fu Zhengyi was addressing the forum

Academician Fu Zhengyi from WUT delivered a speech on behalf of, Interdisciplinary Materials. Academician Fu pointed out that the interdisciplinary research between the material science and other disciplines was the future trend of the development of materials science and engineering in the world. It was not only a key area advocated and valued by China, but also a distinguished characteristic and advantage of WUT. Interdisciplinary Materialswould publish a special edition to commemorate the 100th birthday of Mr. John B. Goodenough on July 25, 2022.

Academician Cheng Huiming was delivering a report

Academician Cheng Huiming from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Science delivered a report entitled “Green Recycling and Reuse of Positive and Negative Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries”. He suggested that developing an advanced energy storage technology that was highly efficient and affordable was the key to the efficient use of renewable energy. He also pointed out the limitations of the present recycling methods and proposed the possible solutions.

Academician Zhang Qingjie was making a report

Academician Zhang Qingjie from WUT, the co-editor-in-chief of Interdisciplinary Materials, delivered a report entitled “Strategic Research on Materials for 2035 Cutting-edged Interdisciplinary Research and Revolutionary Innovation”, introducing the progress of strategic research in the field of materials. The report gave an in-depth insight into seven fields of material interdiscipline, namely intersection of material sciences and physics and mathematics, intersection of materialsciences and life and medical sciences, intersection of material sciences and energy sciences, intersection of materialsciences and information sciences, intersection of materialsciences and bionic sciences, intersection of materialsciences and manufacturing sciences, intersection of materialsciences and deep space and deep sea and deep earth sciences, from a strategic perspective, and cited typical cases on the key development of Cutting-edged Interdisciplinary Research and Revolutionary Innovation.

The reports of the two academicians were thematic and insightful, leading the audience to learn more about the frontiers of technological innovation and the strategic highlands of science. During the Q&A session, the audience expressed their views enthusiastically and the academicians and experts answered the questions brilliantly. At the initiative of Prof. MaiLiqiang, several academicians and experts exchanged views on learning from the scientific spirit of Mr. Goodenough and invited audience representatives to share their opinions.

The series of forums will be held in every Tuesday evening after this opening ceremony.

Written by: Fang Weijian, Ji Wei, Huang Linglin

Proofread by: Luo Xiaohan

Rewritten by: Luo Qiyun, Han Xiaolin

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Material Synthesis and Processing