President Yang Zongkai of WUT delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of UK-China Hydrogen Energy Cooperation Forum
Update Time:2022-05-01 16:45:00

On April 28th, UK-China Hydrogen Energy Cooperation Forum opened. On this forum, representatives of Chinese and British government departments, hydrogen energy academia, hydrogen energy scientific and technological circles andthe hydrogen energyenterprises exchanged their ideas on the hydrogen energy industry.The forum was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of UK-China ambassadorial relations and sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester and jointly organized by WUT. President Yang Zongkai delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Chinese and British representatives attended this forum in the form of online and offline.

Zheng Zeguang (Chinese Ambassador to the UK), Wu Qiaowen (British Trade Envoy to China), Yang Juwen (DeputyLieutenant of Greater Manchester), and Krieger  (Speaker of Manchester City Council) delivered speechesvia video. Zheng Xiyuan (Chinese Consul General in Manchester), Fan Haohong (Chairman of the UK China Affairs Committee), and Headley (Vice President of Manchester Metropolitan University) attended the conference in Manchester. Zhao Haishan (Vice Governor of Hubei Province) and Dang Zhen (Vice Mayor of Wuhan) delivered speeches on behalf of Hubei Province and Wuhan respectively. Zhang Xiaomei (Director of Hubei Provincial Foreign Affairs Office) presided over the meeting. Gareth Hoar, British Consul-General in Wuhan, attended the opening ceremony in Wuhan.

President Yang Zongkai thanked for being invited to host the event on behalf of WUTin his speech. He said that in recent years, Wuhan University of Technology has made achievements in the research and application of hydrogen energy. As an active participant in the field of hydrogen energy research, WUT was very willing to work with British counterparts to contribute education power and science and technology power to the cooperative development of UK-China hydrogen energy to serve the national new energy development strategy and the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. The university was willing to join hands with all partners and contribute the wisdom of WUT to UK-China hydrogen energy science and technology cooperation, and sincerely invite all guests and experts to visit WUT.

Zheng Zeguang, Chinese Ambassador to the UK, said in his speech that Wuhan and Manchester played an important role in the economic cooperation between China and the UK. The forum was of great significance to help the UK-China relation release new vitality at a new starting point and deal with global climate change, and it set a very good example for other cities.

Wu Qiaowen, British Trade Envoy to China, said in his speech that the hydrogen energy industry was developing rapidly in the world, and the partnership between China and the UK was of vital importance. The cooperation between Wuhan and Manchester was encouraging. He hoped that China and the UK would carry out further cooperation in hydrogen energy cooperation, production, storage and transportation.

At the opening ceremony, Wuhan and Manchester signed a memorandum of cooperation and exchange in hydrogen energy industry. Wang Fazhou, Vice President of WUT, signed an inter-university cooperation agreement with Manchester Metropolitan University on behalf of WUT. Wu Chaozhong, Vice President of WUT, made a keynote report to introduce the development of hydrogen energy research in China. Professor Pan Mu and Professor Wei Longof WUT attended the opening ceremony.

During the opening ceremony, President Yang Zongkai was interviewed by Hubei TV, Voiceof Hubei and other media on behalf of WUT.

WUT was invited to organize and hold this forum. On April 29th, UK-China Hydrogen Energy Cooperation Forum was held in the form of online and offline in the school conference center, and Chinese and British hydrogen energy researchers and entrepreneurs were invited to discuss issues related to the development and application of hydrogen energy and industrial layout.

Written by: Qiao Jiang, Wang Yanbing

Rewritten by: Li Huihui

Reviewed by: Song Weihong

Edited by:Li Tiantian

Source:International Office of WUT