Maxime FERAILLE from Consulate General of France in Wuhan visited WUT
Update Time:2022-04-30 13:05:00

On April 27th, Wang Fazhou, the vice president of WUT, received Maxime FERAILLE, the science and technology attaché of Consulate General of France in Wuhan, and his delegation in the Conference Center. They exchanged views on Sino-French cooperation in science and technology education. Representatives of Wuhan Council of Campus France China and French Allianceof Wuhan accompanied the visit.

Both sides were exchanging views

Wang Fazhou welcomed the visit of Mr. Maxime FERAILLE and his delegation and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Consulate General of France in Wuhan for its lasting support for the cooperation between WUT and French universities and research institutions. Mr. Wang then reviewed the exchanges and collaboration with French universities in scientific research, personnel training, humanistic exchanges, etc. He said that the WUT-AMU (Aix-Marseille Université) institute was an important Sino-French cooperative project. Since the first enrollment in 2019, its education quality had been improved with the joint efforts of the two universities. This yearwould welcome the first master graduatesof the institute. In the future, WUT would strengthen the cooperation and communication with France and actively promote the landing and implementation of relevant projects. WUT expected that the Consulate General of France in Wuhan would continue to support the university in building the WUT-AMUinstitute and deepen Sino-French cooperation in scientific researches under the leadership of Mr. Maxime FERAILLE.

Maxime FERAILLE said that the WUT-AMUinstitute was the first Sino-French school in Hubei Province to conduct the joint cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates. Although amid COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, the school had still made substantial progress, which was the result of joint efforts ofboth China and France. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students’ study and exchanges to France was affected to some extent. The French side was willing to work with WUT and broaden the communication channels through regular events, such as Sino-French science day and MFCE (Mois franco-chinois de l’environnement), to create a nice atmosphere for French learning and Sino-French cooperation.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhang Chengcai, the executive director ofthe WUT-AMUinstitute, introduced the general situation of the school. After the meeting, attaché Maxime FERAILLE and his delegation visited Aix-Marseille Université.

Written by: Qiao Jiang, Wang Yanbing

Rewritten by: Zhou Tongtong

Reviewed by: Song Weihong

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: International Office of WUT