WUT has 17 new national first-class undergraduate major construction sites
Update Time:2022-06-15 17:25:00

Recently, the Ministry of Education of China announced the 2021 list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites. Seventeen majors of WUT were approved as the third batch of national first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites, and 15 majors were approved as provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites. Up to now, WUT has 73 first-class undergraduate major construction sites, including 54 at the national level and 19 at the provincial level, covering science, engineering, literature, law, economics, management and art. The number of approved majors accounts for nearly 80% of the total number of enrolled majors of the university.

Since 2019, Ministry of Education has fully implemented the "six excellent and one top" plan 2.0 and launched the three-year "double 10000 plan" for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors to build first-class majors and cultivate elite talents, comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, improve the talent training ability of colleges and universities, and realize the connotative development of higher education . WUT adheres to building morality and cultivating talents and the central position of talent training, attaches great importance to the construction and application of national first-class undergraduate majors. The university has held special meetings for deployment for many times, and has constantly improved quality, complemented weaknesses, and tapped characteristics of each major. Colleges has spared no effort to make improvement and made outstanding achievements in the cultivation, construction, and application of first-class undergraduate majors.

In the next step, WUT will focus on the construction of first-class majors, implement the "5 • 30" action plan for high-quality talent training, enrollment and employment, sort out the current situation of major construction, make overall planning, carry out the classified management of  different majors, improve the quality standards of major construction, realize the normal detection and evaluation of professional construction, promote the construction of professional connotation, and promote the high-quality development of undergraduate education and teaching.

Written by: Li Yanyan

Rewritten by: Zhao Yue

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Undergraduate School of WUT