WUT 2022 University Science Camp was launched
Update Time:2022-07-15 12:05:00

On the morning of July 12th, the opening ceremony of WUT 2022 University Science Camp was held in the lecture hall of Nanhu Library. More than 140 teachers and students from 13 secondary schools in Hubei Province gathered at Wuhan University of Technology to share a feast of science and technology.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhao Jing, Deputy Secretary of WUT CPC Committee, extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students attending the college science camp, confered the flag to the camp and announced the opening of the camp. He pointed out that the college science camp was a significant platform to popularize scientific knowledge, stimulate scientific interest and cultivate scientific spirit among young people. He hoped that students would perceive the universitys love to the country,the innovative spirit, and its glorious history during the event, and be  active participatorsof national rejuvenation, chasers of science and technology, as well as contributors of the countrys development. Yuan Zhouli from Yidu First Middle School spoke as a representative of the campers.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Wu Shaopeng, Chief Professor of WUT Materials Science and Engineering, gave a popularizing science lecture on the topic of A Stronger Nation in Transportation: My Journey on the Road Materials Research, in which he explained the profound theoretical research and practical application results of ageing-resistant, steel slag and functional asphalt concrete.Combining personal experience in scientific research, he encouraged young students to adhere to problem-orientation, combine scientific research with practice, stick to independent innovation and serve national strategies, persevere in deep ploughing and give full play to the spirit of craftsmanship.

It is reported that the Youth Science Camp in Colleges themedon Dream of Science and Technology - Dream of Youth - Dream of China, is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Ministry of Education. WUT has hosted this event for 10 consecutive years, providing more than 1,700 campers with a rich science and technology experience and has been awarded the honor of "Outstanding Organizer for National Youth College Science Camp" twice. This year, based on its advantages, WUT has elaborately designed a series of branded activities, including "Science - Thinking", "Science - Observing", "Science - Researching" and "Science - Exhibition", as well as 25 special activities such as visiting State Key Laboratories, listening to lectures by experts and professors on science, 3D printing and egg guarding at height, etc. These activities will enable the campers to fully appreciate the charm of the university and light up their dreams of science and technology in the coming week.

Reported by: Liu Yuanyin, Shi Jiajing, Qian Shujian

Rewritten by: Liu Kexi

Edited by:Li Tiantian

Source: Department of Student Affairs