2022 “Experiencing China- Intelligence Makes the Future” Training Camp (Wuhan) was inaugurated in WUT
Update Time:2022-07-13 10:10:00

On July 12th, 2022 “Experiencing China-Intelligence Makes the Future” Training Camp (Wuhan), organized by China Scholarship Council (CSC), Wuhan University of Technology(WUT) as well as Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd (Huawei) was opened up in WUT.

Wang Fazhou, Vice President of WUT, expressed his heartful thanks to all the participating institutions and corporations for their long-term concern and support to the university’s development. He made an introduction about the major scientific and technological innovation fruits WUT had secured in recent years under the circumstances of facing the global science and technology frontier and serving the needs of national strategies. Then, Mr. Wang also encouraged all the students present to cherish the opportunities in learning scientific knowledge arduously, forging skills in practice, and feeling the real China in person while improving their practical capacity in scientific and technological innovation.

Yang Bin, Deputy General Manager of Government and Enterprise Business Department of Huaweiin Hubei, briefly introduced how Huawei had cooperated with WUT. He expected students could cleave up their ways to artificial intelligence, enhance practical application ability, appreciate the charm generated by science and technology and innovation. With the concerted efforts made by the two sides, a multitude of excellent engineering talents that adapted to and leads another new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation could be well trained to make greater contribution to the social development and scientific and technological progress jointly.

After the opening ceremony, participants along with 31 students who were selected to attend the training camp visited the experiencing bases of “Experiencing China”, WUT Science and Technology Park and Huawei Wuhan Research Institute, enabling more and more outstanding international students in China to experience China’s achievements in scientific and technological development and the strength in scientific and technological innovation of Chinese enterprises. This aims to truly build an innovative model of cultivating international students based on the coalition of college and enterprise and roll out the innovation-driven strategy further. This works to foster the driving force of innovation and boost the in-depth integration of industry-university-research cooperation for the education of international students, thus striving to meet the scientific and technological needs of the community with a shared future for mankind.

Following the 2021 training camp activity in Beijing sponsored by CSC, the camp in Wuhan was the first time for colleges in central China to host regional offline activities that involved 7 universities from Wuhan in total as attendees.After rigorous online learning,examination and selectionsections, there were 31 qualified candidates left.The activities such as Huawei Shengteng AI Innovation Training Courses, companies visits, visits for WUT Science and Technology Park, Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Center and others will be implemented for them from July 12th to 15th to know artificial intelligence knowledgeand to provoke their innovative practical thinking.

Written by Li Kexin

Reviewed by Li Li

Rewritten by:Du Xin

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: School of International Education