The International Forum on the Frontier of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of WUT was held
Update Time:2022-07-26 10:50:00

On July 22th, the International Forum on the Frontier of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) & the 2nd Doctoral Student Forum of School of Mechatronics Engineering of WUT was hosted both online and offline at the Conference Center in the West Area of Mafangshan Campus.

A conference scene

Wang Fazhou, Vice President of WUT, attendedand addressed the opening ceremony which was presided over by Wu Chaoqun, Dean of School of Mechatronics Engineering of WUT. Over 300 participants consist of specialists and scholars at home and abroad, as well as faculty and students of WUT. Fifteen top-tier industry invited experts from China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.delivered  keynote reports.

Wang Fazhou, WUT Vice President, addressed the opening session

In his speech, Vice President Wangextended warm congratulations to the forum, and sincere welcome and thanks to attendees. In terms of theuniversity principle and digitalized strategic actions, he highly appreciated this event’s great significance for leading advanced manufacturing technology (AMT), advancing WUT’s mechanical engineering discipline, improving the university’s academic and scientific research, and enhancing doctoral student cultivation. He wished that experts in these sessions would state their views freely for deep conversations to lead the development of AMT. And he hoped that young teachers and Ph. D. candidatesin attendance would cherish this opportunity for learning and exchanging, and put what they had thought and learnt into practice when immersing themselves in academic discussions.

Academician Ding Han made a keynote report

Ding Han, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), delivered a keynote presentation entitled Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology. During the report, he put forward five sorts of researches and predictions on the future trend of intelligent manufacturing frontier and provided in-depth interpretation respectively to digital manufacturing, robotics, and artificial intelligence technology.

Academician Jia Zhenyuan made a keynote report

Jia Zhenyuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Dalian University of Technology,gave a keynote report with the title of Study on Machining Technology of Fiber-reinforced Resin-Matrix Composite Components. Through explaining machining problems, he illustrated the machining demand of fiber-reinforced resin-matrix composites, analyzed the present state of conventional cutting and special machining. Besides, he introduced his team’s achievements and their extensive applications.

Academician Zhou Zude made a keynote report

Zhou Zude, Academician of Russian Academy of Engineering and Professor of WUT, introduced 3D printing technology and relevant devices using continuous carbon-fiber composites from the perspectives of research approach, research progress, product development, printing examples, and so on.

Prof. Liao Wenhe, Prof. Lu Jinzhong, Prof. Hua Lin, Prof. Li Luoxing, 

Prof. Hao, and Prof. Zhao Peng made keynote reports

There wereother six domestic keynote speakers, including Liao Wenhe (Professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology) presenting intelligentized addictive manufacturing technology, Lu Jinzhong (Professor of Jiangsu University) reporting integrated addictive manufacturing with laser shock peening treatment and it’s mechanism, Hua Lin (Professor of WUT) giving account of his research findings on organizational design and manufacturing control of high-performance bearing, Li Luoxing (Professor of Hunan University) delivering a lecture entitled A Extrusion-bending-quenching Integration Forming Technology and Device with Difficult-to-deformation Materials, Wu Hao (Professor of HUST) elaborating design and manufacturing for flexible hybrid electronics and relevant applications, and Zhao Peng (Professor of Zhejiang University) introducing high-performance polymer injection molding technology.

Six foreign expertsalso made wonderful online reports. Professor Duc Truong Pham (Academician of Royal Academy of Engineering) at University of Birmingham in the U. K., Professor Songlin Ding atRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Professor Hao Wang at University of Southern Queensland, Professor Han Huang at University of Queensland, Professor Libo Zhou at Ibaraki University, and Professor Sein Leung Soo at University of Birmingham delivered speeches about robot disassembly, 2D materials, carbon fiber-reinforced composites, ceramic addictive manufacturing, deep learning and intelligent manufacturing, single-shot drilling technology for metal matrix composites, and other fields.

This forum was hosted successfully which did a favor for WUTers to learn the academic trends and broaden research thinking. In many ways, the event also provided a chance for scholars and technicians engaged in advance manufacturing technology to exchange research achievements and cutting-edge techniques, thus fostering industry-academy cooperation. Furthermore, it would strengthen close ties between WUT and experts at home and abroad, boost the construction and development of WUT’s mechanical engineering discipline, and improve the university’s academic profile worldwide.

Written by: Zhang Jiaxue, Huang Lang

Reviewed by: Zeng Bo

Rewritten by: Zhang Xiangqi

Edited by: Zeng Bo, Li Tiantian

Source: School of Mechatronics Engineering