New Look in the New Semester: teachers and students are in high spirits and heading for a new journey
Update Time:2022-08-31 21:15:00

On August 29th, students of WUT welcome their first day of school in the fall of 2022 with an autumn rain that cooled off the campus after a sweltering summer.

Wearing masks, teachers and students entered the campus through the access control system in an orderly manner. In the teaching buildings, libraries and laboratories, they devoted themselves to their own work with a tremendous thirst for knowledge. The quiet campus regained its usual vigor and vitality.

At eight o'clock in the morning, with the bell ringing, students’ first lessons of the new semester started in 200 theoretical teaching classes in the whole school.

Xin Sijin, the Secretary of the Party committee of the University, Yang Zongkai, President of WUT, Liu Zuyuan, Vice President of WUT, Zhao Jing, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the University, Wang fazhou and Wang Shijie, Vice Presidents of WUT, Shen Gewu and Luo Rong, Assistants to the President of WUT, together with the heads of relevant functional departments, went to each campus to carry out teaching inspections, to get an in-depth understanding of students' first classes and teachers’ work, and had cordial communication with teachers and students.

During the summer vacation, all departments of the school braved the heat, seized the opportunity to vigorously promote various projects, which effectively improved the sense of happiness, gain and security of teachers and students. The Office of Information Technology had taken a high position in the top-level design of information technology, built the "13410" system of the informatization of WUT, comprehensively promoting the deployment of the information technology. The Undergraduate School had upgraded the classrooms to create a high-quality and efficient learning environment for students. The Network Information Center had upgraded the network of classrooms and dormitories to provide a smooth online experience. The Department of Student Affairs, the Youth League Committee, the Graduate School, the Security Department, and the School of International Education had improved and expanded one-stop service platforms such as the smart student system and the welcome system for freshmen to make it convenient for students to handle their affairs. The University Office, the Security Department and the Student Affairs Department had jointly promoted the transformation and upgrading of the access control system of the campus and student dormitories to further enhance the sense of safety of teachers and students. The Logistics Group upgraded the Shicheng branch of the university supermarket, renovated and maintained the smoke exhaust pipes, operation rooms and power lines of all canteens, installed the "Internet +" management system, and strengthened the security of campus catering. Before the start of this term, the university conducted on-site inspections on all teaching facilities, student campus facilities, laboratories and safety production, and epidemic prevention and control work to ensure the successful implementation of all work in the fall semester of 2022.

After a summer vacation, teachers and students deeply felt the changes on campus and praised these efforts. "With the help of big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the university has created an intelligent and efficient teaching platform for teachers and students and provided a learning environment for collaborative communication and meaningful construction, which is awesome!" Liang Youjia, a teacher in the Department of Spatial Information and Planning of the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, said.

"The newly renovated smart classrooms have greatly improved the teaching and learning conditions for teachers and students. The clearer projected large screen, multimedia interactive equipment and better network conditions greatly promote  teachers’ motivation in teaching and students’ in learning, and greatly promoted the development of the university." Gao Chang, a teacher of the Department of Physical Science and Technology in the School of Sciences, said.

"The renovated classroom, clear projection, and stereo sound bring us a brand new experience in the first class of the new semester." He Ling from class 2103 of Logistics Management in the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering said that the overall improvement of the learning environment made her enjoy the class more.

"The upgrade of the access control system from the campus gate to the dormitory makes us feel safer to enter and leave the campus. Faster campus network can ensure the stability of the line when logging in several IPs at the same time! WUT is different every day. It's so surprising." Li Ziqi, a student of class 2001 of Journalism and Communication, School of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, found that the familiar campus was full of surprises.

The journey of learning is hard to accomplish, while youth easily wrinkled; time is of such value that even an inch of it cannot be wasted. Then, embrace the new semester, head for a new journey and light up a new hope! May teachers and students stride forward with a new attitude towards the goal of building a world-class university with distinctive features.

Written by: Xie Xiaoqin, Zhu Kexin

Rewritten by: Luo Qiyun

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee