More than 6500 graduate freshmen embrace a splendid new semester
Update Time:2022-09-06 13:45:00

On September 3rd, around 6,500 WUT 2022 graduate freshmen from all over the country arrived in Wuhan and enrolled in Mafangshan Campus, Yujiatou Campus and the South Lake Campus respectively. They would embark on a splendid academic careerhere, devote youth to it and shoulder the mission of making contributions to the nation.

Students-oriented and inter-connected arrangement

In preparation for the enrollment of 2022 graduate students, WUT had set up a leading group and held several thematic working sessions in advance. Multiple departments cooperated and made great efforts to enhance freshmens sentiment and satisfactionof WUT.

On the morning of September 3rd, Liu Zuyuan, Vice President of WUT, went to the welcoming sites in the North Area of the South Lake Campus, the East Area of Mafangshan Campus and Yujiatou Campus to meet with and welcome the newcomers. He checked the materials for enrollment and the process of identity verification, pass-code scanning, temperature measurement, luggage disinfection and nucleic acid detection for newcomers. He also extended appreciation to the staff of each school and department who had worked on the front line of welcoming freshmen. Heads of the Graduate School, directors of the Graduate Affairs Department of the Party Committee and some other directors of relevant departments were also on the inspection tour.

Vice President Liu Zuyuan inspected the welcoming sites

Vice President Wang Shijie inspected the welcoming spots set in the South Lake Campus and Yujiatou Campus, emphasizing that the registration process must be simplified and one-to-one assistance must be offered effectivelyto help newcomers. He had cordial communication with freshmen, encouraging them to make innovations in practice and pursue their dreamsin WUT. He also inspected the process and contents of the welcoming work in detail and reminded volunteers to pay attention to personal protection.

Vice President Wang Shijie inspected graduate freshmen’ dormitories

Well-regulated and simplified registration

In the context of regular epidemic response, WUT, in line with the philosophy of “meeting students’ needs, winning parents’ trust, maintaining orderly registration and gaining social recognition”, ensured safety, order, efficiency, convenience and warmth in every aspect of the welcoming work.

Postgraduate freshman receptionsof WUT, equipped with 26 school buses, were set up in Hankou railway station, Wuchang railway station, and Wuhan railway station. The reception started at 6:00 a.mof each site. Inthe university, freshmen were welcomed with 16 service spots, 20 on-campus transfer buses, 7 atmosphere-setting scenes, and 40 tick-off sites. The whole staff was in place at 7:00 a.m.

Considerate pick-up service

To increase studentssense of belonging, WUT provided one-to-one volunteers for each student. The volunteer is responsible for the students’ one-stop registration, including the contact in advance, the confirmationof the arriving time, timely welcome, and registration service, such as epidemic prevention and control assistance, baggage handling, qualification examination, information collection, and other procedures. 

Volunteers service for the freshmen

Planning down to details, striving for perfection

To welcome graduate freshmen, with joint efforts beforehand of the management committeeof Yujiatou Campus, the securitydepartment, logistics support division and group, and other departments of WUT had been operating at full stretch to furnish students with superior learning and living environment and humanistic management service.

Considerate logistical service

Prudent security support

Reassuring catering service

Each unit for postgraduate training implemented epidemic prevention requirements effectively by conducting disinfection work for arrivals and extending anti-epidemic supplies, to guarantee smooth enrollments for students. Meanwhile, information packs were prepared ahead for each student, containing campus card, admission requirements, graduate handbook, and other materials. Moreover, combined with epidemic prevention and control requirements, WUT arranged qualification examinations instead of tedious formalities, saving considerable time for on-site registration. 

Warm and efficient service of each college

Connecting with the characteristics of different colleges, each unit also elaborately customized cultural and creative gifts, including T-shirts and postcards, to extend a warm welcome heartily to new students.

The closure of the orientation has lit the learning path in front. May all the graduate freshmen make full use of their postgraduate life, pursue excellence, and strive unremittingly to contribute for the goal of building a powerful China.

Reported by:Wang Peipei, Zhang Qin, Guo Jingjing, Li Mingyu, Liu Yimeng, Li Xin

Rewritten by: Chao Yijia, Mei Mengqi

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Graduate Affairs Department of the Party Committee