WUT held the 2022 Graduate Opening Ceremony & Awarding Conference
Update Time:2022-09-12 14:10:00

On September 10th, WUT hosted an opening ceremony & awarding conference to welcome the new graduates and award outstanding graduates of the last academic year in the South Lake Gymnasium. The participating members were as follows: leaders of WUT, heads of related functional departments, deans and secretaries of schools, deputy deans and secretaries administrating graduates’ affairs, principals of scientific research bases in charge of graduate education, directors of graduates’ affairs office of schools, as well as graduate representatives winning high-level scientific research awards. WUT Vice President Liu Zuyuan moderated the ceremony.

Aligning with the current epidemic prevention and control requirements, this event was hosted both online and offline, with over 4,500 graduate freshmen present on the spot.

The ceremony started with the solemn national anthem of China.

WUT President Yang Zongkai delivered a vivid first-class speech entitled “Taking on the Mission through Innovation, Leading the Future through Excellence” for the new graduates. He delineated the requirements and expectations of the country and the people to graduates in a new era from the aspect of the quality, basis and philosophy of being excellent.  President Yang earnestly expected them to “solving true problems, truly solving problems”.

He said that WUT gave full play to the advantages of discipline innovation, attracted and aggregated innovative factors and improved the interdisciplinary integration that continuously made breakthroughs in the frontier areas of disciplines. Meanwhile, based on the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, WUT also boosted the reform of graduate cultivation scheme and developed a multitude of graduates excelling in aspiration and capacity. Moreover, he emphasized, WUT’s graduates had made significant contributions to advancing the university’s breakthroughs in original achievements, publishing high-level and high-quality papers with international impact, serving regional economic development, and others.

He claimed, the incoming graduates should shoulder the mission of “being self-reliant in technology”, nourish the capacity of “daring to explore and innovate” as well as observe the quality of “being rigorous and honest in scholarship”. That means graduates should take academic dreams rooted in propelling national development, bring sincere and deep love for the country and their families to scientific research cause, brace their hearts and strike forward steadfastly, and commit themselves to sustaining national self-independence in science and technology.

Wang Shijie, Vice President of WUT, declared “The Decision on Awarding Research Achievements of Graduate Students in the 2021-2022 Academic Year”. The university leaders presented awards to graduate representatives who had secured high-level scientific research gains.

Professor Yan Fuwu, Dean of School of Automotive Engineering, made a statement on behalf of graduate supervisors. In his speech, with the combination of his thirty-year teaching experience, Professor. Yan led his students to ponder over questions of “why to research, what to research, and how to research”, further expounding the fact that graduates should harbor patriotism, the view of overall situation in this era, and walk the talk so that they could remain true to their aspiration, serve the public interests, as well as maintain the long-term development.

Ye Fucheng, a graduate of School of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, delivered his remarks on behalf of the incoming graduates. Combined with his experience of being a student of pilot reform class of industry-education integration under WUT professional degree education, Ye Fucheng shared his feelings in study, scientific research and practice of his graduate life. Luo Jiajie, a graduate of School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, encouraged her fellow graduates to bone up on research, distinguish benedict line, and build lofty ambition, thus ushering a new chapter in their lives, bringing honor to the alma mater, WUT, and contributing to building a strong China and continuing the new journey of “generation that makes China powerful”.

Xin Sijin, Chairman of the University Council of WUT, affixed the WUT badges to the graduate student representatives. The mission the era called for, and entrustment from teachers and leaders fell on the newcomers with the wearing of the university badges.

The ceremony ended up with the singing of the Song of Excellence, WUT’s anthem.

As the event collided with the 38th Teachers’ Day of China and the Mid-Autumn Festival, China’s traditional festival, WUT prepared festival gifts for each participant. Warm blessing and remarkable belief would be a driving force for the incoming graduates to advance and start the new journey!

Photo by: Yao Hong, Xu Yuqing, Wu Shian

Rewritten by: Du Xin

Edited by: Zou Xing, Li Tiantian

Reviewed by: Wang Xiumei

Source: Graduate Affairs Department of Party Committee