Set sail for excellence! WUT welcomes the 2022 undergraduate freshmen
Update Time:2022-09-14 10:05:00

From September 11th to 12th, WUT witnessed the arrival of 2022 undergraduate freshmen. On the early morning, students from all over the country stepped into the campus to embrace their brand-new university life.

When the light of dawn was dim, the tents for welcoming freshmen were neatly arranged on Boxue Square of the South Lake Campus and Jiaotong No. 1 Road of Yujiatou Campus. There were also lounges for parents, consultation service sites and promotion sites of each school at the dormitories. The relevant departments of the university made careful planning and joint efforts to set up green channels for freshmen, anti-fraud publicity sites, medical sites of the university hospital and comprehensive logistics services to assist freshmen to smoothly start their campus life.

In front of Boxue Square and teaching buildings in Yujiatou Campus, the digital screen of 2022 Undergraduate Freshmen Registration Cockpit released the real-time statistics of registration, which included the number of freshmen from all over the country arriving at each campus, school and college, dormitory and the time they arrived. The screen drew great attention from teachers and students.

WUT leaders Xin Sijin, Yang Zongkai, Wang Qiankun, Liu Zuyuan, Zhao Jing, Wang Fazhou, Wang Shijie, Wu Chaozhong, president assistants Shen Gewu and Luo Rong, and other department heads came to the welcome spots. They visited the undergraduate freshmen and sent their warm greetings to the workers and volunteers. During their visit, the university leaders were invited to take photos together with the freshmen. They offered their suggestions and expectations to students, wishing them to grow to be strong and independent in WUT, to become the builders and successors of the country. The university leaders also came to the parents’ lounges and the dormitories to visit the parents and students. At the same time, they reminded the official departments to do a good job of receiving new students in a meticulous and comprehensive manner. They should not only let students feel the “enthusiasm of WUT”, but also ensure safety, and help new students adapt to the university environment and integrate into their university life in all aspects.

In order to welcome the new students, all schools had made great efforts to show their distinctive features, such as the auto-avoidance car from the School of Mechatronics Engineering, Baja Racing car and Formula Racing car from the School of Automotive Engineering, and robot dogs from the School of Automation. The School of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence set up a unique starry sky picture frame, which meant "lighting up every future star that will shine in the starry sea of the digital era”. The students of the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering created a bionic peacock, which could walk, lift, open and vibrate its tail under the manipulation of students. It was so vivid. The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture designed in "Wooden House" project. From sowing seeds, raising seedlings to building houses, students used the trees they planted to build the future. The graduation design works of students from the School of Art and Design and creative products of intangible cultural heritage attracted new students to take photos. The models of Jiaolong, tanks, ships and various award certificates from the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering show the vitality of students’ scientific innovation. The creativity of each school was endless, and the promotion sites showed the featuring culture of each school.

Volunteers in green T-shirts were busy moving through the campus, enthusiastically providing services for the freshmen. These “green figures” became a beautiful scenery on campus. “Last year when I arrived as a newcomer, it was the volunteer seniors who helped me carry my luggage and showed me around the campus. Now I'm a senior too, and I signed up as an orientation volunteer at the first time.” Lou Zhenlu, an orientation volunteer from the School of Marxism, excitedly told reporters, “I hope our volunteer service can make our younger students feel the warmth and enthusiasm of WUT.”

“Although it is my first day on campus, I have already completed the orientation online course in advance, the “Freshman Orientation”, and got my first credit.” Wu Qian, a freshman from the School of Management, said. Since August 22, new students could use the online orientation system for online registration, and complete information collection, independent dormitory selection, financial payment, items reservation, textbook booking, self-service phone number selection, etc. The digital orientation made the process more concise and convenient.

“We were guided and helped by student volunteers throughout the whole process from the high-speed railway station to the campus. It is so considerate that they even set up a rest area for us!” The parents of the new students all thumbed up for the services.

In order to further improve the quality of talent training, the university carried out a series of reforms in the first half of the year, held a conference on high-quality talent training, enrollment and recruitment, deploying the “5•30” action plan to promote the high-quality development of university education and teaching, piloting the reform of the college system, the experimental class of integrated undergraduate-postgraduate education, and the construction of basic top-notch talents training bases. This year, the university added four undergraduate majors, namely microelectronics science and engineering, integrated circuit design and integrated systems, transportation equipment and control engineering, and entrepreneurship management; established two new pilot colleges, the Houde College and the Qihang College; and enrolled four new experimental classes in microelectronics, transportation equipment and control, intelligent manufacturing, and communications, providing a broader platform for talent cultivation.

WUT had taken on an entirely new look, with upgraded classrooms, smooth network experience, another one-stop service platforms including renovated and expanded smart student system and orientation system, safer access to campuses and student dormitories, as well as canteens with better environment and more strict hygienic standards. During the summer holidays, the university has revamped and upgraded the information technology in classrooms, dormitories, canteens and other educational-living areas to enhance the sense of contentment and well-being of teachers and students.

Crossing over thousands of mountains and rivers, we gather around at WUT.  May all students will pursue their dreams and set sail for excellence in the beautiful WUT campus!

Reported by: Xie Xiaoqin, Lu Xiaoyi, Jiang Yuexin, Zhou Jingjing

Photo by: Yao Hong, Xu Yuqing, Wu Shi’an, Ah’Liya

Rewritten by: Zou Yingqi, Liu Kexi

Edited byZou Xing, Li Tiantian

Reviewed by: Wu Xianchao

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee