WUT won the championship of the 16th "Siemens Cup" China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Competition
Update Time:2022-10-03 13:25:00

On September 29th, the closing ceremony of the final round of the 16th "Siemens Cup" China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Competition was held online. The team from WUT distinguished themselves from 6067 teams of 695 universities, winning 3 national grand prizes, 2 national first prizes and 3 national second prizesand harvesting the championship of college groups. Moreover, the team from the School of Automation won the first place in the national final of the automation motion control competitionin discrete industry, and professor Zhang Qingyong won the honor of "Excellent Instructor" as well.

This year, WUT successfully becameone of the competition venues. The undergraduate school ofWUT attached great importance to the preparation of the competition. To ensure students’ participation, the new "intelligent manufacturing laboratory" was built by the School of Automation, and a team of instructors was exclusively formed for competitors. Meanwhile, all aspects of the competitions were gradually implemented and perfected. In the preliminary contest, students from 11 colleges including the School of Automation, the School of International Education, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, and the School of Navigation won 5 provincial grand prizes, 15 provincial first prizes, 19 provincial second prizes, and 6 provincial third prizes. Among them, 8 teams finally advanced to the national final.

Since WUTmade its first attempt in the "Siemens Cup" China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Competition in 2015 and established Campus Hub of WUT, there has been a steady growth in the number of students winning awards year by year. During this period, 29 national awards and more than 100 provincial awards were successively harvested, whichis obviously an eloquent testimony to the achievement of the universitys engineering education reform and innovation practice education, and performs an exemplary role in encouraging students to extensively participate in scientific research and innovation practice.

The "Siemens Cup" China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Competition is co-hosted by China Simulation Society and SiemensLtd,. China under the guidance of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education. The competition involves intelligent manufacturing fields like scientific and technological innovation, product research and development, engineering design and intelligent application. Since 2006, the competition has been successfully held for 16 times and has become the largest and highest standard national competition in the field of intelligent manufacturing in China.

Reported by:Shen Yiping, Niu Ying

Proofread by: Yu Dongjiang,Xiao Jing

Rewritten by: Sun Zhongyuan

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Undergraduate School of WUT