“Blending of Times, Transporting to the World” - The 2022 WUT Transportation Cultural Festival was held
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On October 1st, the opening ceremony of the 2022 WUT Transportation Cultural Festival was held in the Students Center of Yujiatou Campus. The opening ceremony was held both online and offline and in a combination of the main and branch venues. The attendees included Zhou Shiwu, Alumnus of WUT and the Deputy Director of the Changjiang Waterway Bureau, Liu Zuyuan, Vice President of WUT, Zhao Jing, the Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, Wang Shijie, Vice President  of WUT, and Wu Chaozhong, Vice President of WUT and Yan Xinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the Director of the University Academic Committee. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Di, Dean of the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering.

Site of the opening ceremony of the 2022 WUT Transportation Cultural Festival

Professor Zhai Wanming of Southwest Jiaotong University, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and convener of the transportation engineering discipline review panel of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Professor He Lin of the Naval University of Engineering, Academician of the CAE, Professor Wang Yunpeng, Academician of the CAE and President of BeiHang University, Professor Nie Zuoren, Academician of the CAE, the alumnus of Grade 1979 majoring in port machinery, President of Beijing University of Technology, as well as 10 domestic partner universities, internationally renowned scholars and alumni representatives expressed their best wishes to this festival. Zhang Liangang, Grade 1979 alumnus of ship and port electrification major, and winner of Chinese "Model of the Times", "National Moral Model" and "National May Day Labor Medal", sent a message to students, hoping them to strengthen the accumulation of professional knowledge and the sense of innovation, cultivate the ability of innovative thinking, form a will of perseverance and fearlessness, and lay a solid foundation for building a great motherland.

Vice President Liu Zuyuan officially announced the launch of the 2022 WUT Transportation Cultural Festival

Vice President Liu Zuyuan officially announced the launch of the 2022 WUT Transportation Cultural Festival.

Vice President Wang Shijie delivered the opening address

In the opening speech, Vice President Wang Shijie reviewed the development of WUT and the transportation disciplines, and fully affirmed the great contribution of the major transportation discipline group to the university’s discipline construction, talent training, scientific research and social services. He hoped that by participating in the wonderful Transportation Cultural Festival activities, students would further promote the WUT Spirit of "sound in morality, broad in learning, and pursuing excellence", be diligent in study, brave in innovation, and strive to become the leading talents of science, industry, and regional development, so as to contribute "WUT Strength" to national strategies such as serving manufacturing power, marine power, and transportation power.

Zhou Shiwu, Grade 1980 alumnus of the Department of Transportation Management and Deputy Director of the Changjiang Waterway Bureau made a speech

Zhou Shiwu, Grade 1980 alumnus of the Department of Transportation Management and the deputy director of the Changjiang River Waterway Bureau, delivered a speech as an alumnus representative. He hoped that the students could learn true knowledge and cultivate true talent through theoretical study and practice, apply what they learned to the practice, not humiliate the mission of the times, and shine their energy in their passionate struggle.

Zhang Di, Dean of the School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, presided the event, and Li Xiaobin, Dean of the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering, Liu Kezhong, Dean of the School of Navigation, and Luo Jiajie, student representative, delivered speeches

Li Xiaobin, Dean of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering, introduced the activity plan of Transportation Cultural Festival, conveying his sincere hope for students to know, understand, love, and serve transportation via participating this event, so that they could commit themselves to building a nation that excels in transportation and maritime power. Liu Kezhong, Dean of School of Navigation, illustrated how social resources enabling major transportation discipline to support the discipline of large transportation from four aspects: students practice base, off-campus institute, university-enterprise R&D Center (Research and Development Center) as well as social award and grant support. Luo Jiajie, the representative of postgraduates from Class 2201, School of Transportation and Logistic Engineering, inspired her peers to integrate personal ideal and mission of the times, resonate individual striving with era development, yielding a good result in the great journey to construct the transportation and maritime power.

Yan Xinping, Academician of CAE delivered a special lecture

In the process of “Transportation Builds Dreams”-academic master lectures, Academician Yan Xinping gave a keynote speech entitled “The technology trend and expectation of transportation, shipping and ocean engineering” where he exchanged ideas with students on the spot and expressed his cordial expectation as a head teacher for freshmen. Mr. Yan depicted the development history and future prospect of the major transportation from “the technology trend and vision of transportation”, “the technology trend and vision of shipping and ocean engineering” as well as “wishes”, expecting students to establish lofty ideals, nourish noble character and keep assiduous learning.

Site of opening ceremony of Transportation Cultural Festival

On the scene of the opening ceremony, there were a myriad of exhibition areas such as the history of WUT, prominent alumni, scientific and technological innovation, paintings and calligraphy works and others, which attracted numerous teachers and students on campus to have a study tour. From the origin of WUT since 1946, formerly known as National Maritime School, teachers and students on the ground witnessed the experiences of a group of eminent alumni such as Jin Donghan, the graduate of 1984 majoring in power plant, Academician of CAE, and President of Tianjin University. Meanwhile, viewers also retrospected more than 300 prize-winning works at ministerial and provincial level from National Social Practice and Science Competition on Energy conservation and Emission Reduction for College Students, National Competition of Transport Science and Technology for Students, “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular and Academic Contest, National Ocean Vehicle Design and Production Competition and so on in recent five years.

Participants of the opening ceremony were as follow: chief professors, secondary professors, and characteristic specialty responsibility professors of WUT’s major transportation discipline, related functional departments principals, heads of teaching and research units in major transportation discipline, as well as representatives of teaching master, young teachers, and students.

WUT Transportation cultural Festival, which is held annually, with an eye on major transportation subject clots, link enrolled students, alumni, specialists, scholars and WUT according to transportation history, the construction of great power, scientific and technological innovation, frontier academics, students’ development, culture and art, etc. Moreover, Transportation Cultural Festival also leads students to further apprehend what the major transportation discipline really is, focus on cultural identity, cultivate cultural awareness, uplift cultural confidence, remain committed to own major and industry it dwells by six chapters, namely opening ceremony, embarking, focusing, seeking knowledge, blossoming, and closing. In this way, WUT can dedicate its own wisdom to train talents harboring big picture, boasting high moral, being abundant in recondite knowledge, making great contribution, and contribute its share to building a nation that is powerful in transportation and maritime.

Reported by: Song Xiaowei, Yang Yanxi, Deng Xiaoguang, Zheng Zhiyu

Rewritten by: Li Huihui, Du Xin

Edited by: Li Tiantian, Zou Xing, Zou Yingqi

Source: School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering