Three WUTers awarded 2021 “ Self-improvement Star of Chinese College Students”
Update Time:2022-10-13 09:45:00

Recently, the list of 2021 “Self-improvement Star of Chinese College Students”, co-organized by China Youth Daily, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc., and China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment with the instruction of the Communist Youth League of China Central Committee and All-China Students’ Federation, was announced. Lu Pengjian from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Li Jinghao from the International School of Materials Science and Engineering, and Zhang Jinqiang from the School of Natural Sciences were awarded the honor.

Lu Pengjian is a Ph.D. student from the School of Materials Science and Engineering. The company he founded is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a “specialized and sophisticated enterprise that produces new and unique products” in Hubei Province. Ithas gained official accreditation of three systems of ISO and raised tens of millions of yuan in Series B funding. In his company, over 10 national invention patents and more than 40 utility model patents has been granted and 5 papers has been published in International Core Journals. He and his team have won series of awards, including the champion of the first “Hero Cup” Wuhan College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021, the Excellent Enterprise of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the gold award in the China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, the Ten Excellent Entrepreneurship Talents in Wuhan, the first prize of Wuhan College Students’ Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Model of Self-improvement Star of Hubei College Students, etc.

Li Jinghao, a Ph.D. student from the International School of Materials Science and Engineering, has published several high-quality papers in the Journal of Materials Science & Technology, ACS Energy Letters, and Advanced Materials.One of his papers has been chosen by National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference, and evaluated as excellent academic papers (only 20 papers nationwide). He has won National Grand Prize of National College Students Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition, Provincial Grand Prize of Hubei Province “Challenge Cup” (Bank of China) College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, the second prize of “Challenge Cup” National College Students Extracurricular Academic Sci-tech Works Competition, Top 10 Youth Students of WUT, May Fourth Medal for Students of WUT, Excellent Student Cadre and Merit Student of WUT, etc.

Zhang Jinqiang is a postgraduate student from the School of Natural Sciences. During his undergraduate years, he promoted the establishment of the Anti-Drug Alliance among Eight Universities in Wuhan and organized more than 900 volunteer activities. After graduation, he threw himself into teaching in Baokang County, Hubei Province, profoundly contributing to the local poverty alleviation via education. During his postgraduate study, he served part-time as the instructor of the “Care Action” National Volunteer Service Group, and organized volunteer service projects, such as “Colorful Holidays” and “Colorful 4:30pm”. Hehas won awards including  Outstanding Individual of Chinese Youth Volunteers, Gold Award for Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition, Outstanding Volunteer for College Students Volunteer for the Western Program, Outstanding Volunteer of Hubei University Games, May Fourth Medal for Students of WUT, Top 10 Youth Students of WUT, WUT Excellence Scholarship, etc.

In the last five years, there is one student of WUT granted with the honor of “Chinese College Students’Pacesetters of Self-Improvement”, and 15 students awarded the honor of “Self-improvement Star of Chinese College Students”.

Written by: Xiao Xibin, Wang Xi

Rewritten by: Mei Mengqi

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Youth League Committee of WUT