Material Advantage Wuhan University of Technology Chapter has won the "Global Best Team Award in Materials Science and Engineering" for five consecutive years
Update Time:2022-10-15 14:15:00

On October 12th, at the 2022 Annual Meeting of MS&T22 and Material Advantage (MA) held in Pittsburgh, the United States, the "Material Advantage Wuhan University of Technology Chapter" of International School of Materials Science and Engineering (School of Materials and Microelectronics) won the "Best Global Team Award for Materials Science and Engineering 2021-2022". This is the fifth consecutive year that the team has won the award, which continuously improves the international influence of WUT material discipline.

As the first branch of MA in China, Material Advantage Wuhan University of Technology Chapter has always been focusing on the goal of building a world-class materials discipline and cultivating top-notch innovative talents, constantly improving the team charter, and carrying out scientific and technological innovation and social services. Over the past year, with the instructions of Professor Chen Fei, Dr. Dai Chen and Mr. Tang Hui, MA WUT has continued to provide students with a high-quality platform for exchange at home and abroad. Due to its excellent comprehensive performance, MA Wuhan University of Technology stood out from more than 100 teams participating in the 2021-2022 annual meeting and won the award for five consecutive years.

Material Advantage is a platform for exchange, innovation and competition of students majoring in materials science and engineering jointly sponsored by four international material research universities (American Ceramic Society, American Iron and Steel Technology Society, International Materials Information Society, and Mineral Metals and Materials Society). At present, more than 100 universities around the world, including the University of California and Columbia University, have established MA branches and held material competitions and exchanges at the annual MS&T conference. The "Global Best Team Award for Materials Science and Engineering" is an important award jointly signed by the chairmen of the four major societies and awarded to the global materials elite program team to recognize the outstanding contributions made by student teams in materials science and engineering and technology innovation, international cooperation, social services, etc., with no more than 5 awards each year. This year's winners also include the Colorado School of Mining in the United States, Iowa State University, Indian Institute of Technology, Morelia University of Technology in Mexico and other teams.

Reported by: Lu Jiaqi

Rewritten by: Zhao Yue

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: International School of Materials Science and Engineering (School of Materials and Microelectronics)