The short video shot by International students of WUT won the national second prize in the “Understanding China’s New Era” Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest
Update Time:2022-11-23 18:30:00

Recently, School of International Education of Wuhan University of Technology organized international students to actively participate in the “Understanding China’s New Era” Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest, which was co-hosted byCPC Centre for International Exchange,Contemporary World Magazine, China Xinhua News Network Corporation ,China Road and Bridge Corporation (as the organizing committee), together with the Secretariat of China Scholarship Council. Towards a New Era, a group work jointly created by WUTs international students, stood out from 437 short video entries from 196 universities in China with participants coming from 133 countries and regions, and won the National Second Prize in the short video category.

With the theme of “Understanding China’s New Era”, the contest aimed to deepen people-to-people exchanges, promote mutual learning among civilizations, present a true, multi-dimensional and panoramic view of China, show the good spirit of international students, reflect the views and understandings of international students and international graduates now staying in China on various aspects of China in the past ten years, and tell their own experiences and feelings about China’s new era. The prize-winning works would be promoted in sponsorsmedia platform one after another, including both Chinese and English editions of Contemporary World, the “CPC WORKS” English WeChat Official account, the official website of China Scholarship Council, the APPs and other platforms of China Xinhua News NetworkCorporation, and so on.

Towards a New Era describes the uniqueness of Chinese cultural elements through generations of Chinese music, food, clothing, dance, architecture, technology,  educationand so on, and also depicts the development of these elements in China’s new era and the way they have shaped a colorful modern environment for Chinese people,displaying Wuhan’s city style in the new era and the vigorous image of international students in WUT.

Ankit Man Maharjan from Nepal, the planner and director of Towards a New Era, was very excited to take part in the contest. He felt rather proud to successfully show/unfold a multi-dimensional view of China from ancient times till now by applying his self-taught photography skills to filmingthe video. Denis Perezlopez from Nicaragua introduced the wonderful people and things he encountered in the process of shooting, thus sincerely praising the beautiful Wuhan. Through the participation in shooting, Emmannuel Appiah from Ghana, Cinthya Escobar from Nicaragua, ArnauldRobert Tapa from Côte d'Ivoire and Eric Niyonsaba from Burundi all marveled at the great changes in China in the past decade. They said they saw a harmonious, real and modernized China, with blessings and expectations for China’s bright future.

Participating in this contest was a good experience and practice for WUTs international students to understand Chinese stories in an all-round way, which couldenable them to feel the economic and cultural progress and prosperity of China personally under the leadership of the CPC, and to become excellent storytellers of Chinese stories from the heart. 

Reported by: Jin Biying

Rewritten by: Chao Yijia

Reviewed by: Li Li

Edited by: Li Tiantian, Du Xin

Source: WHUT-ISO (WeChat Account)