Spring semester of WUT begins
Update Time:2023-02-23 15:35:00

On 20th February, WUT students celebrated the first day of the new semester. The campus was filled with vibrant scenes. Professors and students started the new academic year with enthusiasm and vigor.

As students return to school from a winter break, everyone’s face was filled with the joy of reunion. In the classrooms teachers greeted affectionately, “How’s your holiday, students?” In the dormitories, students embraced each other happily, “It’s been a long time, I missed you!” The canteen staffers smilingly said to the returned students, “Back again, have some more!”

At 8 a.m., the bell rang as the first class of the new semester began in all 1019 classrooms of the university. In the classrooms, teachers of the courses were well prepared and entertaining, and students were attentive and interactive; in the library, students wandered in the ocean of knowledge, where books were flipping over in their hands and the pens were rustling; in the laboratories, the research work was orderly organized and everyone was concentrating on the research.

WUT leaders Xin Sijin, Yang Zongkai, Zhao Jing, Meng Fangbing, Wang Shijie and Luo Rong led a team to look deep into the teaching front line, to get the picture of students and courses, as well as had a cordial exchange with teachers and students.

As reported, in order to welcome the arrival of the spring semester in 2023, all departments of the university, based on their duties, were meticulously prepared for managing the return of students to school this spring. The undergraduate system has carefully arranged the teaching and examination of undergraduate courses before and after the beginning of this term, and cooperated with the Network Information Center to complete the classroom renovation and upgrading during the winter holiday. The Student Affairs Department carried out “cloud tutoring” for students to take the first step of a new semester in a leisurely manner. The Graduate Affairs Department of the CPC Committee has created a golden course plan of “research lecture” to ensure that graduate students have a perfect “first class”. The logistics group strengthened the disinfection, sterilization and ventilation of the business premises it is responsible for, aggrandized the control of canteen food materials and supermarket commodity management, and optimized the safety inspection of commuter bus stops and campus buses, which guaranteed better services for teachers and students. The university hospital has built health stations, upgraded the medical insurance system, and set up special departments to facilitate the medical treatment for teachers and students. Before the beginning of this term, WUT carried out an on-site inspection on the teaching facilities, student living facilities, laboratories and safety production, epidemic prevention and control sites of the whole university, to ensure a smooth progress of all works in the spring semester of 2023.

In the beginning of a new semester as well as a new journey, we wish our students and faculty to live up to the spring light and make greater achievements.

Rewritten by: Liu Kexi

Proofread by: Wu Xianchao

Edited by:Yu Mengmei, Chao Yijia, Li Tiantian

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee