The 9th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Control and Robotics hosted by WUT
Update Time:2023-03-02 15:30:10

WUT hosted the 9th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Control and Robotics (EECR 2023) in Wuhan during February 24-26. The conference was held both online and offline. Nearly 100 renowned experts and scholars from Europe, North America, and China were invited to jointly explore new opportunities and new challenges in the field of electrical engineering, control and robotics. Wu Chaozhong, vice president of WUT, addressed the opening. Zhou Keliang, dean of the School of Automation, presided over the opening ceremony.

Wu Chaozhong began his speech by extending a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests on behalf of WUT and expressing his appreciation for the relevant units that organized the conference. Then, he introduced the development of WUT in recent years. He indicated that this conference aimed to advance applied research that attracted considerable attention from academia and industry, and encourage interdisciplinary communication and sharing of knowledge and thoughts among participants, thus promoting global cooperation and furthering the development of electrical engineering, control and robotics.
This conference has specially invited multiple experts to give plenary lectures, including Professor Jing Jiang of Western University in Canada (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, IEEE Fellow), Professor Ming Cao of the University of Groningen in Holland (IEEE Fellow), Professor Geng Hua of Tsinghua University (IEEE Fellow), Professor Zhou Chunjie of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Professor Yang Chenguang of South China University of Technology. Those lectures were centered on the latest theories, core technologies, and the expected development of wind power generation, electric power transmission, human-robot collaboration, wearable robotics design, AI, etc. The conference has 6 parallel sessions, where nearly 50 brilliant academic reports in total were delivered.
EECR is an annual international academic seminar. Oriented to the foundation and frontiers of science, disciplines and industries all along, EECR has been digging opportunities and challenges in academia and the industrial community and founded a platform for high-end academic exchange. The seminar is conducted in pursuit of providing a worldwide platform for information sharing for both senior and young researchers in academia and the industrial community. Eight previous conferences have seen great success. The 9th EECR was hosted by Wuhan University of Technology and co-held with multiple relevant units including School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Information Science and Engineering of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Wuhan University, Wuhan Association of Automation, Wuhan Power Supply Society, Intelligent Robot Professional Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Women in Science Committee of China Power Supply Society.

Written by: Luo Jing
Rewritten by: Mei Mengqi
Edited by: Li Tiantian, 
Yu Mengmei
Source: School of Automation