‍Academic Lecture and Appointment Ceremony for Guest Professor Cheng Li Take Place
Update Time:2023-04-17 15:32:34

On April 12th, our university held the appointment ceremony for Guest Professor and the 550th WUT Forum at the Yujiatou Campus Hall. Vice President Wu Chaozhong attended the meeting and presented the appointment letter to Academician Cheng Li from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The meeting was presided over by Dean Li Xiaobin of theSchool of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering.

Professor Cheng gave a lecture entitled "Research on Sound and Vibration". He introduced Hong Kong Polytechnic University and explained seven aspects of aeroacoustics and structural acoustics, architectural and environmental acoustics, simulation and computational methods of vibration acoustics, structural dynamics and vibration control, structural health monitoring, flow-induced vibration and noise, and general acoustics. Professor Cheng vividly demonstrated the active suppression of turbulence, vibration, and noise through images, and focused on the principles andapplication prospects of structural damage detection and acoustic black holes. He explained the advances and innovation of the team's current research through practical examples, bringing a lively academic feast to the faculty and students.

During the Q&A session, teachers and students actively interacted with Professor Cheng on energy spectra, acoustic metamaterials, and vibration and noise reduction. Professor Cheng patiently answered the questions and gave several suggestions on how to break through the limitations of acoustic metamaterials and explore new materials for acoustic research in the current acoustic development background.

Vice President Wu Chaozhong presented the appointment letter to Professor Cheng, expressing gratitude and welcome on behalf of the university. He hoped that Professor Cheng would continue to care for and support the development of the university, exert his influence in the field he engages in, and provide guidance and assistance for the university. Professor Cheng expressed his honor to be appointed as a guest professor of WUT, and showed gratitude for its recognition and support. He said he would continue to strengthen communication with the university and contribute to the education development of the university.

This illustrated lecture raised the faculty and students' awareness of vibration and noise control, and greatly stimulated everyone's research interest. The academic atmosphere on site was strong, and the faculty and students present were focused and serious. They not only learned about the cutting-edge professional knowledge but also were infected by Academician Cheng's profound academic skills and rigorous scientific spirit, gaining abundant benefits.

More than 300 faculty and studentsattended the event, includingteachers from various departments, members of the Youth Science and Technology Association, representatives of undergraduate and graduate students from relevant majors. Office of International Affairs(Office of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs), the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering also participated in this event.

Reported by: Fang Chenxin

Rewritten by: Zou Yingqi

Edited by: Li Tiantian, Chao Yijia

Source: School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering