The International Student Work Committee Plenary Meeting of the 2023 World Transport Convention was held at WUT
Update Time:2023-04-30 15:00:00

On April 26th, the 2023 International Student Work Committee Plenary Meeting and the Post Epidemic International Education Work Seminar were held in the WUT conference center, aiming at stepping up the efforts in the preparations for the international student sub-forum of the 2023 World Transport Convention (WTC2023). Zhang Wei, Dean of School of International Education at Chang'an University and Chairman of the International Student Work Committee at the World Transportation Convention, presided over the meeting. Vice President of WUT, Wang Shijie, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wang Shijie extended the warm welcome to all experts and scholars present from the China Highway and Transportation Society and related committee units, and expressed gratitude to the China Highway and Transportation Society and the International Student Work Committee of the World Transportation Convention for choosing WUT to host the conference. He stated that WUT always attached great importance to the preparations for the World Transportation Convention and took it as an opportunity to further enhance the cooperation on international education in the field of transportation and cement ties with domestic and foreign universities. He believed that WUT would successfully complete all preparatory tasks for the conference, thus promoting its international influence.

Wang Dapeng, Deputy Secretary General of the China Highway and Transportation Society, expressed sincere gratitude to WUT for its hospitable reception and meticulous preparation for the conference, and introduced the overall arrangement of the WTC2023. He hoped that all committee units could actively participate in the conference preparation work and jointly contribute to the successful holding of the conference. Meanwhile, Lv Weidong, Secretary General of the International Student Affairs Committee, reported on the preparations for the International Student Forum in the conference. The member units of the committee reviewed the qualifications of newly added member units and unanimously approved the applications for membership from Taiyuan University of Technology, Shaanxi Railway Institute, and Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute.

At the conference, Zhang Wei, Dean of School of International Education at Chang'an University, Li Li, Vice Dean of School of International Education of WUT, and Yu Xuewei, the representative of enterprises and general Manager of Hangzhou Zhongzi Soft Technology Co., Ltd, respectively delivered special reports in the international education work seminar in the post-pandemic era.

The 2023 World Transport Convention(WTC2023) is co-hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Transport, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Hubei Provincial People’s Government, and jointly supported by relevant domestic industry authorities, domestic and foreign transport research institutions, colleges, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations. And the theme of this conference revolves around ''innovation, low carbon, recycling, sharing and a more sustainable transportation system", involving academic exchanges, technical discussions, achievement promotion, international cooperation, science and technology competitions, think tank reports, and scientific and technological achievements release. The conference is scheduled to be held in Wuhan from June 14th to 17th.

Written by: Huang Xin

Reviewed by: Li Li

Rewritten by: Sun Zhongyuan

Edited by: Liu Kexi, Li Tiantian

Source: School of International Education