The 2023 Commencement and Degree-conferring Ceremony of WUT was held
Update Time:2023-06-19 15:59:00

On June 16th, the 2023 Commencement and Degree-conferring Ceremony was held in South Lake Gymnasium in WUT. The leadership of WUT and members of the Higher Degrees Committee attended the ceremony and conferred degrees on the soon-to-be graduates, and heads of relevant functional departments of the university, the main leaders of the CPC Party Committee of each college, the deputy secretary in charge of student work, the advisors of graduating students, and the class of 2023 gathered together to celebratethis ceremony. Vice President Wang Shijie presided over the ceremony.

In the warm applause, secretary of the CPC WUT Committee Xin Sijin, President Yang Zongkai, school leaders Xia Jiangjing, Zhao Jing, Meng Fangbing, Wang Shijie, Wu Chaozhong, Shen Gewu and Luo Rong marched to the ceremony site.

The commencement ceremony started with the national anthem.

President Yang Zongkai extended his warmest congratulations to the graduates on behalf of all faculty members and other students of WUTand expressed the heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, families and friends who had nurtured and cared for the graduates in their growth!

On the occasion of farewell, President Yang Zongkai taught the graduating students the "last lesson"in the title of "Embracing life with youth and striving for a better future in the new era". The class of 2023 that he sent out as the president was confronted with unusual difficulties, but they were courageous and responsible, he said affectionately. And the difficulties and challenges they experienced in life would forge unforgettable memories in them, and would also leave them lifelong spiritual wealth.

Xin Sijin, secretary of the CPC WUT Committee, presented certificates to the representatives of excellent graduates and encouraged them that the honorary certificates were the witness of the struggles of their school years, and the spirit of living up to the expectations and always pursuing excellence. He hoped that all graduates would continue their struggles and create further gloryin the future.

Prof. Mai Liqiang, a national high-level talent and dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, shared his own history of studying abroad and returning to work in WUT, recalling the unforgettable experiences that he and his students had shared and scenes when they had strove together to encourage all graduates.

Alumni Chen Hongling, the founder and honorary chairman of the board of directors of Shanghai Baolong Automotive Cooperation, sent his best wishes to the graduates.

Li Yiran from zy1901 of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering talked about Song of Excellence and reviewed her four years of study in WUT as the representative of graduates. She expressed that she would keep on striving for the future, live her life with no regrets with her enthusiasm and wisdom, and move firmly to a broader future.

In the cheerful graduation song, the leadership of WUT crowned the graduates, awarded them certificates and took photos with them.

The graduates of the class of 2023 were loaded with the expectations of their alma mater, teachers and relatives, moving towards a better future while chasing their dreams.

Reported by: Ma Yifan, Liang Yingmei

Photo by: Yao Hong, Xu Yuqing

Reviewed by: Xie Zhongqing

Rewritten by: Yu Mengmei

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Office of Student Affairs