The opening ceremony of “Experiencing China - Intelligence Makes the Future” Training Camp of 2023 (Wuhan) was held in WUT
Update Time:2023-08-31 08:25:00

On the morning of August 30th, the opening ceremony of “Experiencing China – Intelligence Makes the Future” Training Camp, organized by the China Scholarship Council and hosted by Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) and Huawei Technologies Company Limited (Huawei) was successfully opened in the Lecture Hall of Lide Building at WUT. Wu Chaozhong, vice president of WUT, and Yu Fang, director of Huawei (Hubei) Government and Enterprise Cooperation Development and Management Department, attended the opening ceremony. Relevant officials from the Huawei ICT Talent Development Department, Huawei (Hubei) Government and Enterprise Business Department, and directors of School of Computer Science and Technology and School of International Education of WUT participated the event.

Vice President Wu Chaozhong emphasized the importance of science and technology to the history of human development and the outlook of life, especially the information technology represented by artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G technology and so on, which would play a decisive role in future economic and social development of China and even the world, and encouraged the international students to master more leading scientific and technological knowledge, to stimulate innovative thinking in discussion, to gain friendship and growth in contemplation and critical thinking, and to refine their abilities and understand the truth of development in practice. In addition to improving their practical ability in science and technology innovation, international students were encouraged to experience the objective and real China and the beautiful life experience brought by the development of advanced technology.

Yu Fang, director of Huawei (Hubei) Government and Enterprise Cooperation Development and Management Department, introduced the long history of cooperation between Huawei and WUT and expressed the hope that through this activity, AI knowledge would be brought to international students so that they could explore more about AI, improve their practical ability, appreciate the charm of science and technology, and stimulate innovative thinking. Huawei would work together with the university to cultivate a large number of excellent talents with excellent pursuit and excellent ability,  thus making greater contribution to the society.

After the opening ceremony, the camp participants went to “Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center”, “Wuhan Supercomputing Center”, and Wuhan Xinsaier Science and Technology Co. Ltd. and Wuhan Guide Technology Co. Ltd. in Wuhan National University Science Park of WUT. This visit gave international students a deeper understanding of China's scientific and technological development achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and the scientific and technological innovation strength of local national enterprises, and to create a real model of international students' cultivation through the joint efforts of schools and enterprises.

Introduction of the event:

The training camp was supported by the National International Students Fund Management Committee, and Wuhan University of Technology and Huawei Technology Company co-organized the regional offline activity, which was attended by international students from 10 universities in Central China. After online study, examination and selection,30 students were qualified to participate in the offline training camp. They attended the Huawei Rising AI Innovation Training Course, visited the Huawei Showroom and WUT National University Science Park and took part in some other activities from August 29th to September 2nd, to learn about AI and stimulate innovative and practical thinking.

Reported by: Cai Si, Wang Zeng

Rewritten by: Yu Mengmei

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: School of International Education