WUT 2023 undergraduate freshmen move in
Update Time:2023-09-10 16:15:00

On September 9th, WUT welcomed the undergraduate freshmen. Students from different place of the country arrived with fiery dreams and aspirations, being ready to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Registration for Newcomers — Beginning of Dreams

As the faint morning light broke, welcoming tents were neatly arranged at the Zhiyuan and Zhuoyuan communities on the South Lake Campus, as well as the Haihong community at the Yujiaotou Campus. Throughout the campus, staff and volunteers at parent reception centers, consultation service points under dormitory buildings, and welcoming points at various colleges were already prepared. University departments actively assisted the welcoming process, establishing a green channel for new student admissions, medical sites, and spotsfor preventing telecom fraud to ensure a smooth transition for the newcomers.

At 9:00 a.m., the university leaders,includingthe Secretary of WUT Party Committee Xin Sijin, President Yang Zongkai, Deputy Party Secretary Zhao Jing, Meng Fangbing, Vice President Shen Gewu, and other heads of relevant departments, visited the welcoming sites, student dormitories, the South Lake Library's Intelligent Operation Center (IOC), and inspected and guided the welcoming work. They warmly greeted new students, parents, and volunteers, expressing their expectations for the university life of new students.

This year, WUT introduced intelligent methods forregistration, including information collection and facial recognition. Students and their accompanying family members could directly enter the campus by swiping their identity cards totour the campus together.

Improving Efficiency through Digitalization

During the registration period for new students, how can we optimize resource allocation for welcoming based on their needs in terms of accommodation, food, and transportation through data perception, analysis, and intervention? The digital screen of 2023 Undergraduate Freshmen Registration Cockpit ofthe Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) released real-time statistics and information, including student registrations, pedestrian and vehicle flow, real-scene maps, cafeteria dining, and welcoming stations. Leaders and staff could optimize resource allocation and coordinate scheduling based on the statistics on the screen.

At the registration site, the "2023 Undergraduate Freshman Registration System" digital screen simultaneously released real-time registration statistics for all campuses, colleges, academies, dormitories, and time slots, attracting the attention of teachers, students, and parents. Additionally, WUT also opened the Educational Digital Experience Center and the Digital Nautical and Celestial Observatory this year, allowing students and parents to experience the charm of a digital campus.

Creative Greetings with Unique WUT Features

Withwaving banners in the wind, well-designed display boards, smiling faces, and kind greetings, the campus was filled with enthusiasm and warmth at each welcome spot.

The creative signature wall of each schoolwasleftwithdistinctblessings, suchasHello, aspiring youth”, “Forge ahead jointly towards an information powerhouse”, “Foster virtue and strive for excellence”, “Build the future with knowledge as well as integrity”, and “You will definitely add to the glory of School of Management”, whichattractedthefreshmento take photos asamemoryofthestartoftheir university life.

Everyschoolhadpreparedthecreativeandamazinggreetingforthenewcomers, suchasthe creative medal incentive of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the passage tickets of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Energy Power Engineering, the recycling of used books of the School of Computer Science and Technology, the intelligent cars and roboticarms of the School of Information Engineering, the “birthday celebrationfornewcomersof the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, the fan-paintingactivity of the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Gashapon & Raffle of the School of Foreign Languages, the cosplay show of the School of Law, Humanities and Sociology, and the modeling work display of the School of Art and Design. Alltheseactivitiesprovedahugesuccess, giving the freshmen a unique sense of belonging and ritual. 

Warm Service and Meticulous Care from WUT Volunteers

Volunteers in green T-shirts were bustlingaround the campus, enthusiastically providing services for the freshmen, which became a beautiful scenery on campus.

Servingatthe stations, school gates, dormitories, canteens, and teaching buildings, more than 4,000 volunteers stuck to their posts, and welcomed each newcomer in the best state. They showed the style of young volunteers in their service, carryingforward the volunteerism of “dedication, affection, mutual help, and progress” in practice.

Chen Yuying, an orientation volunteer said, “I am so glad to serveas a volunteer. When I arrived as a newcomer, I received warm help from volunteers. Sincenow it is my turn to be anorientation volunteer, I will pass on the volunteer spirit and make our younger students feel the warmth of WUT with enthusiastic services.”

Mayall the 2023 undergraduate freshmen stickto the motto of “Sound in morality, broad in learning, and pursuing excellence”, forgingaheadfortheir distinctive progress inWUT!

Reported by: Zhu Kexin, Liu Xiaojing, Mao Yimeng, Ren Zhelin

Rewritten by: Zou Yingqi, Chao Yijia

Edited by: WangJingjing, Li Tiantian

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee