2024 Night of Dreams: New Year's Concert successfully held
Update Time:2024-01-03 08:35:39

On the evening of December 31, 2023, Wuhan University of Technology hosted the "The Night of Dreams" New Year's Concert for 2024 in the Grand Hall of the West Area of Mafangshan Campus. Vice President Zhang Di, heads of various departments including the Office of the CPC WUT Committee and Administration, the Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee, the Office of Student Affairs, the Undergraduate School of WUT, the Department of Postgraduates Work of Committee, the Alumni Cooperation Office, and nearly a thousand faculty and students gathered to enjoy this audiovisual feast.

The concert consisted of three parts: "Playing-Dreams of Youth," "Composing-the Grand Chapter of WUT," and "Singing-Trends of the New Era." Performances were presented collaboratively by the WUT Student Art Association Folk Music Ensemble, Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, Dance Troupe, Variety Arts Troupe, Choir, and faculty and students from the Starlight Chorus of the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Resounding melodies of the orchestra, playing the dreams of youth

The orchestra-My Motherland

The orchestral-Steel Torrent

Melodious carols, composing the grand chapter of WUT

Song-The River City

The chorus-Try Everything

Dance-The Last Goal

The chorus-Mount Moni

Song-Aspiring Youth

Dance-A Trip on A Rainy Day

The chorus-Colliding Songs

Waves of folk music, singing trends of the new era

Folk music-Hello to the World

Folk music-Joyful Chinese Festival

During the concert, three group awards were presented, namely the "Innovation Cup" for the Science and Technology Culture Festival, the "Dedication Cup" for the Volunteer Service Culture Festival, and the "Golden Autumn Cup" for the Art and Culture Festival.

Written by: Luo Yujun

Rewritten by: Wang Jingjing

Edited by: Yu Mengmei, Li Tiantian

Source: Youth League Committeeof WUT