The Governor of Pest County of Hungary and his delegation visited WUT
Update Time:2024-03-06 15:17:17

On March 4th, President Yang Zongkai of WUT met with the delegation led by Szabó István, the Governor of Pest County, Hungary, at the Science and Technology Transformation Center meeting room. Both sides engaged in discussions regarding educational cooperation. Chen Hanhua, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, attended the forum. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Mai Liqiang of WUT.

President Yang Zongkai warmly welcomed Governor István and his delegation, providing an overview introduction of WUT. He said that, like the PestCounty, Hubei Province boasted a rich history, the convenient transportation, numerous academic institutions, and a profound cultural heritage. President Yang was confident in the enormous potential for collaboration in education and research between the two regions. He looked forward to promoting friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in education, technology, and green energy. WUT was willing to offer opportunities for students and faculty from the PestCounty to study and exchange experiences in Hubei. Simultaneously, outstanding students from the university would be sent to Pest County's universities, research institutions, and businesses for learning and internships, contributing to the mutual understanding and friendship between the youth of China and Hungary.

Governor István expressed gratitude for the warm reception and recalled the exchanges between the two regions, particularly the solidarity displayed during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized the importance of youth exchange as a foundation for bilateral friendship. Governor István also expressed his willingness to facilitate collaboration between Pest County's universities and WUT, sending Hungarian students to study and exchange experiences in Hubei. Through various forms of exchange, he aims to double the number of Hungarian students coming to China, continuing to strengthen the ties between PestCounty and Hubei Province.

After the meeting, the delegation toured the university's Science and Technology Transformation Center exhibition hall. Representatives from the International Office and the Science and Technology Transformation Center participated in the discussions and the tour.

Reported by: Qiao Jiang, Qiao Dan

Rewritten by: Zou Yingqi

Edited by: Yu Mengmei, Li Tiantian

Source: International Officeof WUT