Wuhan University of Technology sincerely invites talents from all over the world to apply for the positions of young talents
Update Time:2021-03-25 11:09:41

1. Research funding: 1 to 3 million yuan
2. The salary is not less than 500,000 yuan per year. The school provides 2 million yuan as the relocation allowances and provides the turnover housing.
3. The school provides corresponding policy support, and the pay packages of high-level talents can be negotiated and determined according to the actual situation for each person.

Conditions to be Met
(1) Abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the spirit of new era scientists.
(2) The date of birth is after September 1, 1980.
(3) Have a doctorate degree.
(4) The research direction is mainly natural science, engineering technology, etc.
(5) Before April 30, 2021, the applicant generally should obtain formal teaching or scientific research positions in overseas universities, scientific research institutions, or corporate R&D institutions, and have more than 36 consecutive months of work experience; as for those who have obtained a doctorate degree overseas and have outstanding performance, the working life requirement can be appropriately flexible.
(6) Obtain scientific research or technological achievements recognized by peer experts, and have the development potential to become academic leaders or outstanding talents in this field;
(7) The applicant has not yet returned to work full time in China (coming to China), or returned to work in China (coming to China) after September 1, 2019. After receiving the funding notice, you must quit your overseas job or have no overseas job, and return to your country (coming to China) to work full time for at least 3 years.

Materials to be Prepared
1. Resume.
2. Attachment materials, including three parts:
(1) Identity certification materials: ① Copy of academic degree certificate; ② Photocopy of ID card or passport; ③ Copy of work contract or intentional work agreement signed with our school; ④ Proof of overseas employment (signature of the certifier required);
(2) Expert recommendation letters: 3 overseas expert recommendation letters (autographed by experts, scanned version submitted in electronic version)
(3) Achievement certification materials: ① Photocopies and certification materials of main achievements (representative works, patent certificates, product certificates), and proof of theses retrievals and citations should be issued and stamped by relevant retrieval organizations; ② Certification materials of major projects hosted or participated in; ③ A copy of the award certificate; ④ Other materials that need to be submitted.

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